Thursday, March 11, 2010

To Never Be Single Again

...single digits, that is. Kamy turned 10 years old! We celebrated her birthday last night, but before I get to that, let me tell you a little bit about the Birthday Girl.

Kamyren is just about the best big sister you could ask for. She loves to read to Georgie, hold baby Kimble, help Kolby with his spelling words, play fun made-up games with Keaton, and she always asks to help me in the kitchen. Kamy always does what she is asked to do THE FIRST TIME; something that I hope rubs off on the other kids.

Kamyren still loves to draw. She is really good at drawing pictures, and the clothing she draws on her figurines have a remarkable taste in fashion. I totally think Kamy could design clothes. She just does a really good job with the details. Kamy also loves to help me cook. She is really interested in food, and what makes it taste good. She likes to watch the Food Network on tv, and also HGTV. She gets especially excited when watching House Hunters, and seeing what house the people end up buying. Simple pleasures.

Kamyren's future goals include learning how to crochet, reading the Harry Potter books when she turns 11, and getting her ears pierced when she turns 12. Kamy loves to read, and is usually seen around the house with a book in her hand. She is interested in learning about how girls lived in the times of Cleopatra, Queen Elizabeth, and...when I was a little girl. Hmmm.

Just a quick story, I told Kamy about when I was around 10 years old, and was chewing gum one day at school. I suddenly bit into something hard, and since I was chewing blueberry gum, I assumed it was a blueberry. I pulled it out of my mouth, and discovered my tooth had fallen out! After telling this story to Kamy, and she being totally jealous that I could chew gum in school when I was little, she laughed and thought that nobody could be so silly as to think that their tooth was a blueberry.

A few days ago, at dinner, we were eating our food, and Kamy stops, pulls out something from her mouth, and said "Mom! It's not a blueberry! It's a tooth!" Her tooth had fallen out while eating dinner. She thought I wasn't so crazy after all.

Now, onto Kamy's day. We traditionally ask the kids what they want to eat, for all three meals, on the day of their birthday, and then make it for them. For breakfast, Kamy chose a fruit smoothie, blueberry muffins, and pancake-sausage-on-a-stick.

The kids all love it when it's "birthday day" because they get a good breakfast.

So the kids went to school, and as it came time for them to be coming home, I watched the sky darken, then some tiny tiny snow started falling, and the next minute I look out, and there are these huge fat snowflakes falling. I opened the door, just in time to see the kids walking up the sidewalk. I took a quick picture of them, in which Georgie ran out to greet them (yes, she was still wearing her pajamas...but did have on her nice white church socks and shoes!) and we enjoyed a minute of watching the beautiful snow fall around us.

Kamy opted to buy a school lunch that day, which was a treat since she always brings a cold lunch to school. She said she chose chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, salad, carrots, and milk ("not the chocolate kind, momma!"). For dinner, we had Sausage Penne. Yum.

After dinner, we took our family picture, which is our tradition on a birthday day, and then Kamy got to open up her presents.

Kamy has a shortage of church clothes, for some reason. Actually, I know the reason. She is tall and very thin, and it's really hard to find something that will fit her around the waist, as well as fit her in length. So for her birthday, she asked for a dress and for tights. She got both, as well as a skirt, and a few shirts. She also got the first two books in the Percy Jackson series, a Barbiedoll, and some Littlest Petshop toys, which we have never had before.

We took videos of the whole thing. Look at that hunky dad, recording the video!!

Kamy got a card in the mail from my mom, with 10 crisp dollar bills, so Kamy can go to the store and buy what she wants to. From Heath's mom, she got a giant coloring book and some twistable crayons.

Mr. Kimble sat on the couch, fat and happy, and watched the fun. Sweet boy!

After dinner, we had Kamy's requested dessert: Cherry Pie with Mint Chocolate Chip Ice cream.'s her birthday, which means she picks, even if it is a strange combination. And, it seems like I forget candles every time! She got her pie adorned with 10 red tealights!

We are so happy to have you in our family Kamyren! Hope you have a great year being 10.


Jed and Kera said...

Kamy and I share birthdays! :O) Happy (day late) Birthday to her! :O) She is such a cute little girl!

runningfan said...

Happy birthday to Kamy! You sure did a lot to make her day special.

purejoy said...

what a sweet birthday post. i hope she stays interested in those domestic wonders. seems like life begins to happen so fast about middle school that all that takes a back seat. i love that she has goals for her 11th and 12th years…
and i know what you mean about clothes. my daughter was built the exact same way (i tried not to be bitter as i'm always battling the "bulge") and is so tall and lanky. jeans = mucho expensivo because few styles fit.
she's 18 now, is 5'8" and wears a size 1.
love her choice in favorite meals (especially the dessert!). what a special, special birthday!

Maynards said...

Sounds like it was a great Birthday. She is a very cute girl.

Dan and Katie said...

Hope little Ruby turns out to be such a great gal and big sister!!

kdaygirl said...

Happy birthday Kami!

Colleen said...

I sure like Kamy. She is such a great kid! Sweet post, dedicated to a sweet girl!