Friday, April 30, 2010

Makin' Baby Stuff

My sweet friend Nicki is having a baby girl ANY DAY now.  I talked to her the other week and asked her if she had made a car seat canopy yet.  She chuckled and said "No" in a way that told me it was probably the last thing on her mind.  She's got a lot going on, so anyway, I told her to expect one in the mail.  I might have suggested it would be purple, but when I saw this fabric, I knew I had to make it orange...and can I tell ya, I absolutely LOVE using the ric rac.  So.dang.cute.

I also used snaps, instead of a decorative button.

I also love the cute orange polkadot material on the inside. 

If you are interested in making a canopy, my tutorial is posted HERE.  So Nicki, if you are reading this, I hope it's not spoiling the surprise.  I really hope you like it.  It seemed perfect for the Spring/Summer.

I've also been enjoying making these fancy chenille burp cloths.  I've mentioned it before, but sometimes I'm a one-trick-pony when it comes to baby gifts.  Or maybe I go in cycles by making the same thing again and again, and then switching to something different.  I guess now I'm in a burp cloth sorta mode.

I've got a tutorial coming tomorrow, on how to make these. They are so easy to make, and I love them because they are so pretty to use!  I mean, spit up is pretty gross, but I'm completely convinced that these cute burp rags totally make up for it!  If you don't have a baby that spits up, you might just wish you did, just so you can use these burp cloths.

So I suggest making tons and tons.  Then, you can drop them off at the doorstep of a new mommy.

Or you can give them to your own baby, who will be thrilled!!

Or you can divide them up and mail them out to all your sisters who are having babies....which is what I did.


Thank you for your response to the crinkly tag toy.  I used random number generator and the lucky winner is number 8, Jen!

Jen said...
So dang cute. I love your crafts and I will totally get one for Jakob. Might want to check on using the word taggie though in case they have it trademarked. other wise I LOVE them.

April 26, 2010 10:53 AM

I've decided to name it "The Krinkle" in honor of Mr. Kimble. Thank you for the idea!  Jen, send me your address and I'll get one out to you.  I hope Jakob loves it.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

{The Children's Hospital} Blanket Drive!

During the five weeks that we were in The Children's Hospital in Denver, my sweet baby Kimble received the best possible care.  The entire staff was thoughtful, sensitive, attentive, and loving to not only me and my family, but to the other families that were there too.  I know that with a surety because I am still in touch with two families of "cardiac babies".  We met there while our babies were undergoing heart surgeries and other complications.  We had a lot of time to talk and share concerns.  We even had a lot of time to discuss some of the wonderful service we benefited from firsthand.

I saw older women bringing in boxes of blankets that they had stitched, quilted, knitted and crocheted together.  I saw little heart shaped pillows left on the beds of every cardiac patient on our floor.  I saw secretaries opening up boxes of donated items that were mailed directly to the cardiac floor.  I saw fridges stocked with juices, milk, yogurt, cheese, and other snacks, as well as freezers full of ice cream and other manner of treats, for the patients and their families to use.  I saw personal hygiene kits, laundry soap, and all other manner of necessities readily available in the volunteer office.  I saw truckloads of toys and gifts brought in to be distributed to patients.  I saw, and still see, little gifts of toys given to not only the patients, but to patients' siblings (as Georgie can attest to).  I saw multiple activities and support groups and special events specific to the needs of patients at The Children's Hospital.

I want to give back.

The two other cardiac families that we met in the hospital feel the same way.  We want to give back! In effort to make every patient feel as warm and loved as we felt there, we are organizing a Blanket Drive to benefit ALL the patients at The Denver Children's Hospital.  Sometimes, a soft blanket makes all the difference.

During my time in the hospital, linens were provided for my use.  However, as grateful as I was for those blankets, I have one word that would describe them:  Scratchy.   It wasn't the warm, soft, and cuddly feeling that a blanket should give.  I had a saving grace though.  My friend Colleen had given me a soft fleece blanket to bring with me to the hospital, to give me warmth and comfort.   Warm and comfort me it did, too!  I cannot believe the difference a blanket made.

So with that perspective, we officially begin Project Blanket Drive!  Please join me, Teresa, and Julie, as we embark on this journey that is sure to be more rewarding than anything we have ever done.  We have put together a special blog that is dedicated to our Blanket Drive.  This blog address is and gives you more insight into Kimble's journey, as well as Teresa and Julie's boys (Chance and Adam) and what they have been through.

When talking with the Welcome Coordinator for the Cardiac Unit (my friend Peg!) and the Volunteer Office, we learned that, if possible, The Children's Hospital could use 300 blankets A WEEK!  So the need is great, my friends.

This project is very special to us.  So special, in fact, that we have chosen November 1st 2010, to be the cutoff date for blanket donations.  We want to have a few days to prepare everything, so that on the date of our boys' first birthday (who were all born less than 24 hours apart), we can join together and offer this gift to The Children's Hospital, and all of their patients.  What a great celebration for us.

Here is where we need your help.  We cannot possibly do it ourselves.  We need NEW handmade or store bought blankets.  These blankets can be fleece no-sew blankets, receiving blankets, baby blankets, crochet or knitted blankets, quilts, or throw blankets.  They can range in size from newborn to twin size.  (For tax purposes, monetary donations are not accepted)

If you want to donate and are out of state, please email me at to get an address to send your blanket.  If you are local, we will have drop-off locations available to you.  Just contact me for more information.

If you can, please grab this button to share on your blog.  We think this is a good thing.  We hope you feel the same way.  Please join us in celebrating LIFE; in celebrating our boys' LIFE; and in giving LOVE, COMFORT, and JOY to others who are undergoing a very difficult time.

Thank you so much.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Grouchy Momma Who Lives In A Barn

Kamy came home from school one day and said "Momma, I hope you aren't mad at me, but I wrote something about you for my homework.  I chose you as my 'person of interest' to write about, and I think I wrote something that you would be mad about."

Here is what Kamy wrote:
My Mom:  My mom lived in a barn when she was little.  She is 33 years old and if she doesn't sleep in, she is grouchy.  She has 5 children.  Their names are Kamyren, Keaton, Kolby, Georgie, and Kimble.
The end.

I  laughed when I read it.  I said to her, "First off, I lived on a ranch that HAD a barn.  I did not live IN the barn.  There is a difference.  Second, do you know why I get grouchy when I get woken up earlier than I plan?"  She didn't know why, so I told her "It's because I'm up 8 times a night feeding Kimble.  If I woke you up so much, and then didn't let you sleep until 7am, then you'd be a bit grouchy too!"

Anyway, her teacher and I had a little chuckle over her story during Parent/Teacher Conferences.  I'm sure she hears a lot more peculiar things from her students every day!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Creepy Chair

This chair is in the "Mother's Room" at church.  If you aren't one of the first two mommies in that room, you don't get to sit on one of the two blue rocker chairs.  Instead, you are unfortunate enough to have to sit on the creepy chair.
This chair just creeps me out.  I don't like being alone in the room with this chair.  It stares at me.  It seems like it should be the lonely old chair sitting alone in a dusty room filled with cobwebs and broken shutters in a house deep in the woods. 

You hear creeks and groans.  Lights flash on and off.  There is a shriek somewhere deep in the back recesses of the mansion.  You turn your back on the chair to investigate a scurrying sound you hear in the corner, and when you turn back around, the chair is 10 feet closer to you.  All is silent except for the ticking of the grandfather clock.  You stare at the chair.  Then, you see it move.  First one side, then the other.  It's moving  towards you.  It seems to waddle back and forth on it's wooden legs, shuffling closer and closer with each shift of weight.

The deep indentation of the stained cushion suggests someone is currently sitting in it.  Someone you can't see.  Run for your life!!

Anyway, that's what I imagine, every Sunday, when I see this creepy chair in the Mother's Room.  It freaks me out.

Monday, April 26, 2010

The Crinkly Crunchie Taggie Softie Blankie Toy GIVEAWAY!

Kimble's favorite toy is the plastic baby wipes container.  He loves crinkling it and smooshing it and caressing it.  It keeps him occupied during the changing of the diapers, as well as when I'm getting myself ready and need him to be entertained.  He loves it so much!

So last week, when the last of the wipes were used, and I was left with an empty plastic pouch, I started to throw it in the trash.  But wait.  Why not make a toy for Kimble out of it?  I've been meaning to make him a little taggie blanket, and so I thought I'd incorporate the two things together.

What evolved was a tag blanket with soft minky on one side and cute brown flowery material on the other side.  Sewn between the two layers is the plastic from the wipes pouch.  The result is amazing.  It's soft and crinkly and crunchie and taggie and KIMBLE LOVES IT!

I actually took pictures along the way to make a tutorial for you, but the Husband said "Absolutely not. This is so cool!  You are going to sell these on Etsy!"  I didn't even know he knew what Etsy was!

So my question for all of you is threefold.  What shall I name this?  Would it sell?  How much should I charge for it?  Leave me a comment, answering my questions, and I'll choose a winner on Friday (April 30th) to get their very own Crinkly Crunchie Taggie Softie Blankie Toy (or whatever name you guys come up with that sounds much better!)

Oh, and if you have a baby in your life, or know someone who does, make sure you check out my previous post for the most clever thing every breastfeeding mom should have!  Also, if you have any empty baby wipes plastic pouches..could I have them?  I'll be needing lots.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

I'm An "Undercover Mama!"

Besides having the cutest little baby boy in the world, I'm smiling in these pictures for a different reason. Can you guess what it is? I'm wearing the coolest thing ever. I wish I had thought about years ago! Luckily, someone else DID think about it and developed the most genius thing ever. Seriously. It's so clever!

If you notice, I'm wearing a white cami underneath my black shirt. Oh...but it's no ordinary cami!! What this is, is called the UNDERCOVER MAMA. It enables your torso to stay covered up while you are breastfeeding!

First off, if you are a nursing mama, you understand this plight. You are breastfeeding your baby. For the modesty of yourself, and for the sake of making other people feel comfortable, you try every trick in the book to stay covered up. You have a blanket over you...oh, but the baby hates being covered up! You wear an extra baggy shirt so that the rolls of the shirt can cascade gently around your baby's face, which works well to cover your chest, but not your sides and tummy that are exposed. You try to sit in a corner somewhere, so nobody can see that you have half your shirt hiked up to your neck... Well, as much as I love breastfeeding my baby, I hate having my torso naked and exposed!

Enter UndercoverMama! The dilemma is solved. Crisis averted. You are walking in a field of daisies once again.

The UndercoverMama camisoles are designed in such a way as to allow you to wear your normal shirts, as well as have the function of a layering cami. I wear a cami every single day, so this just makes my life as near perfect as I can get. The cami looks and acts like any other cami, except that it does not have straps. At the top, where the straps would normally begin, there is a clip that is similar to the clips you would find on a nursing bra. You simple hook this clip to the outer flap of your nursing bra (right below the top clip of the flap) and when you unclip to breastfeed, your cami comes down as well. See the next picture to clarify.

If you still need some clarification, their website has a video that demonstrates how to put it on and wear it.
So now, you can breastfeed your babies, and still have your undershirt, the UndercoverMama, covering your torso and in it's normal position. No more naked sides or belly!! Whahoo! I wore my UndercoverMama this weekend and LOVED it. Everywhere I went, (errands, girls' night, wedding reception, church) every time I breastfed, I was covered. I'm telling is good. Here is a picture that Keaton took, of me breastfeeding Kimble.
Do you see any naked torsos? Nope. Me either.

I hope you are as excited about UndercoverMama as I am! However, you don't have to feel left out. You can get your own! Right now, Elena at UndercoverMama is offering a 10% discount to all my bloggy friends out there. Use the code IAMME in checkout. If you act soon, you can combine it with their existing promotion of getting free shipping if you buy more than one shirt. They have five colors to choose from in black, white, brown, cream, and pink.

So help me spread the word about the coolest product ever. You can become a fan of UndercoverMama on Facebook and Twitter. If you know any nursing mamas, then please tell them about this! It will change their life. I'm not being dramatic.
It really is so ingenious!

Please leave a comment and let me know your thoughts!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Don't You Love Random Picture Day?

Today is Random Picture Day. I made it up. Hope you'll celebrate it with me. Here are some random pictures from the last day or two.

First up, Mr. Kimble is sportin' his very first pair of overalls. A monumental day indeed. He is finally able to keep weight on his legs by standing for a little bit.

While I was making dinner, Kamy was reading a book to Kimble. She is so sweet to him.
She was also singing the song that goes with the words in the book.

When the Husband was recovering from the darn stomach flu, he had some Gatorade that he was drinking. He didn't want the kids to get his germs, so he wrote his name on the lid with a sharpie marker. "This says 'Dad'. That means it's mine and nobody can drink it but me." he said. Kolby really wanted the drink, but because "Dad"s name was on it, he knew it was off limits to everyone. Anyway, the next morning, I noticed something on one of the remaining bottles. Kolby had written his name on one of the lids. In Kolby's mind. that meant the drink was his!

I got out of the shower one morning to find these Bathing Barbies catching some rays along the edge of my bathtub.
Georgie laid them like this.

The kids were watching a movie together on their Snow Day on Friday.
Notice how they are all squished together on one side of the couch?

Mr. Kimble...catching some zzzz's. He still uses his old binkies (I reserve the nicer ones for public use)
and you can see his chest scar healing nicely.
Thanks for celebrating Random Picture Day with me.

Friday, April 23, 2010

It's A Snow Day Today!

Last night I drifted off to sleep listening to the thunderstorm. This morning, I woke up to 3 inches of snow and school cancellation. It's big fat snowflakes too. And lest you think I'm a terrible momma, Georgie just wanted to see the snow, and was only outside for about 20 seconds.

Edited to Add:  It's been a few hours and the snow has only come down harder and thicker!!  I can't believe the weather man didn't even hint at snow for today!  I was watching the forecast all last night, and they were going on and on about the thunderstorm...nada about snow.  Oh well.  It will melt off fast.  That's the best thing about living in Colorado!!

Happy Snow Day!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Baby, You Pull It Off!

It's not just anyone who can look irresistible with a big embroidered puppy on their bum! Mr. Kimble definitely knows how to work it! He's so cute. I seriously have a hard time not nibbling on him!!
I have a great time staying home with my babies. It's the best job ever!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

"I, Am A Rock"

Last night, as Keaton was getting ready for bed, he comes in my room to inform the Husband and I that he has a new nickname. "Call me Amarock", he says. "Ammawhat?", we reply. He sighs in frustration. "It's just that everyone has a nickname except me, and so I was reading a book about Amaron, and thought it sounded neat, but then I changed it to Amarock because it sounded WAY better, and so that is my nickname. Please call me Amarock from now on."

The Husband said "What's wrong with calling you 'bud'?" Bud is a nickname that we've been calling Keaton since he was a baby. It was what I called my little brother Ian growing up, and quite frankly, I still call him that. Anyway, Keaton replied "No! That's not a nickname. Amarock is a nickname!!"

So we said "Get outta here, Amarock. It's time for bed." Keaton beamed like you had just told him he could eat spaghetti for every meal for the rest of his life, and he scampered off to bed. Heath and I chuckled a bit, and then he said.."Wait, what was the name? I forgot already. Eragon? Endaron? Airrock?" It took a minute, but then I remembered. "Oh yeah, like the song "I Am A Rock...get it? Amarock".

This morning, as I went in to wake up Keaton for school, I nudged his sleeping form and said "Wake up Amarock!" He rolled over with a smile on his face and said "Mom, it's only a nickname. It's not my real name. Call me Keaton."

Monday, April 19, 2010

Matchy Matchy

You know the movie "Return To Me"? I absolutely love it. There is one scene where David Duchovny's character is on an impromptu blind date. As he is uncomfortably sitting next to his loud-mouth date, and extremely embarrassed that she is fussing over French water ("preferably bubble-free, with a straw...better not be Swiss...I got sick from Swiss water once...blah blah blah"), she notices that they are wearing the same color. "Oh my gosh! Look at us. Matchy Green. Matchy Matchy Green Squared. I'll fix that!" Then she promptly takes off her green jacket to reveal her ample bosom tightly squished inside her low-cut shirt, which ironically, is also green.

Today, Mr. Kimble and I were also Matchy Matchy. We weren't wearing green, and there wasn't a bottle of French water in sight, nor were we on a blind date, but you see the correlation to the movie? Matching shirts!!

His shirt was a onsie. Mine was not. However, if this picture had been taken in the early 90's, my shirt very definitely could have been a onsie. Do you remember that fashion trend? Adult onsie shirts. I'm so glad that didn't last long. Just the thought of it makes me want to cringe...and do some adjusting.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Danger, Girls!!

Apparently, I cannot go in the boys' room anymore. Maybe they were tired of me seeing their messy room, and this is their way of not needing to clean up. After all, if I'm not allowed in their room, then I don't know if it's dirty, right?

Or maybe it wasn't me they were targeting, but their curious and playful little sister who likes to sneak up to their room after they've been put to bed, and use their bunk beds as a jungle gym.

Whatever the reason, this is the very first "No Girls Alowed" sign to come into our family...but I'm sure it won't be the last.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Keaton's Prayer

It's Keaton's day to say prayers at our house. The following is an excerpt of his dinner-time prayer. (No photography occurred during the prayer. Picture is a recreation of the event in question.)

"...and please bless this food, that we will like it and it will taste good.

Please bless momma, that she won't be sick anymore, and that Kamy will feel better.

Please bless Kimble, that he won't get sick, and that he won't die during his heart surgery.

Please bless dad, as he is running, that he won't fall and get scrapes, and that his bum and back won't hurt when he's running.

Please help me at school, that I won't listen to the bad words that the other boys say, and that I won't play pretend guns, and that I'll find a new friend to play with, instead of the boys that are making bad choices..."

I really like prayer time at our house.

The Worst Diet Ever

Warning: This diet will most likely be very intense and last for about 24 hours, will do more harm than good, and has one characteristic that no other diet can claim: It will unavoidably inflict itself on anyone else you come in contact with, thereby forcing itself on others whether they want to diet or not. This diet has had its name cursed again and again. My friends, it is the 24 hour flu.

It attacks fast. In a matter of minutes, you go from "I'm fine and groovy" to "I feel terrible". Your body starts to feel icky. You can actually see your tummy rumbling and churning. This isn't going to be fun.

An unfortunate side effect to this diet is that most of your time will be divided pretty equally between the bathroom and your bed. Not much exercising is incorporated into this diet, unless you count bending over (either on the toilet or leaning over the toilet) as a workout, although you definitely get some abdominal thrusting going on. Oh, and it will be a long, LONG time, until you can even imagine eating that particular meal again.

You are pretty much limited to lying in bed for this diet duration, as your body is really too weak to do anything else. Even clicking through channels on the tv, or holding a book, draws too much strength. Don't even think about trying to walk down the hallway, or down the stairs. If you happen to have a baby to nurture during this time, all you can do is lie in bed together, throw a few toys his way, and hope his boredom and lack of scenery changes bring about long naps.

Food. Forget about it. The thought of it; the smell of it; the commercials about it; the exclusive channel on tv about it. No way. Not even tempting.

Oh, and because you are dehydrated, you'll get a monstrous headache.

After a while, you can takes sips of liquid. My preference is Gingerale. You might even try a nibble of a dry cracker. My preference is Ritz. You can even get up and take a bath, but don't even try to blowdry your hair. You'll take lots of naps. You will probably miss your favorite tv show in the whole entire world. This diet consumes you. By the time it is gone, you are left feeling very grateful that you have made a turn for the better, although you are still very weak and tired, and probably still will make sudden trips to the bathroom, although it will lessen within a few days.

Meanwhile, it's time to care for the next victim of the diet.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Solving for "Why" (or in other words, questions I ask myself...)

Why do people like miracle whip?

Why are my feet ALWAYS cold?

Why can't I lose this weight?

Why must it be so windy?

Why was the computer keyboard and all the letters arranged as they are? I mean, seriously...who decided that the c and v should be right next to each other? Just wondering.

Why do I have so many moles?

Why won't my purse straps stay on my shoulder?

Why is it so difficult for my boys to change their underwear?

Why do things cost so much?

Why can't I digest red meat?

Why do we have tonsils and an appendix?

Why can't I know the future?

Why does LOST have to end?

Why can't I keep my own bedroom clean?

Why do I always feel like I do a terrible job interpreting?

Why do I LOVE to brush my teeth but HATE to floss?

Why can't I sing high notes?

Why do I hate to wear shoes so much?

Why? Why? Why?

Striving For Peace

I went to the Denver Temple on Saturday, all by myself. The husband bravely stayed home with all five kids, including Mr. Kimble who refuses to take a bottle of breastmilk and was most unhappy about his momma not being with him.

The temple offers a place of comfort and peace in this world filled with chaos and it offered me a rejuvenation of love and happiness from our Savior. I still don't know what the outcome will be, of Kimble's heart surgery, but right now, I don't feel as burdened about it as I did before.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Kissing Nooks and Pirate Kids

My very favorite place to kiss Kimble is right below his little ear and just on the outside of his big chubby cheeks. You almost have to push up his fat cheeks to get to this perfect baby-soft nook. There isn't much better than that. Last night, as the Husband was giving kisses to Kimble, I noticed he was just as partial to Kimble's squishiness as I was.

Today, the kids informed me that it was Pirate Day at school. They all enjoyed picking out their costumes at leisure this morning, probably at the expense of changing their underwear, which is what I thought they were doing for...oh, half an hour. However, by the time they left for school, underwear had been changed, breakfast was eaten, chores were done, teeth were brushed, and hands were washed. They may be pirates this morning, but they were clean pirates!

As the kids were doing last minute preparations for school, Georgie went down and found her old parrot costume from when she was 10 months old and we all dressed as pirates for Halloween...she was the parrot on daddy's shoulder. It was pretty cute. Anyway, Georgie came out and said "I'm a flying chicken!" and she got in the pirate picture I took before the kids left for school.

On a different subject entirely, I have an itouch (my very first introduction to modernization) and I'm having fun with free applications...or Apps, as they are known. This one, called Traffic Rush,, is my favorite. You try to keep the cars, trucks, and motorcycles going safely through the intersection without crashing into each other. Very fun. Very addicting. The kids enjoy playing it. And It's Free!

And lastly, Kolby always "forgets" his homework at school, so we need to improvise. I got him this dry erase board to practice writing words and sentences. These were the sentences we wrote last night. I'm trying to get him to pay attention to forming the letters nicely, and adding spaces between words.

Incidentally, Georgie has taken to call Kolby "Kolbs". Sometimes we call him "Kolbers". Kamy is known as "Kam" in her school classroom. Keaton is very particular about sounding out the "t" in is name. Every once in a while I think that maybe today will be the day that I start calling Georgie by her real name "Kennedy". But...she's still our little Georgie. We call Kimble our fat and happy baby, said with pride and love, but mostly we call him Mr. Kimble.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Moving Up The Surgery

I just got back from an appointment with Kimble's Cardiologist. After reviewing all the information from his MRI last month, his team of doctors have decided to have Kimble's next heart surgery set for June, instead of August, as they were originally thinking.

There are a few reasons for bumping it up. First, Kimble's tricuspid valve isn't allowing for bloodflow through to the right ventricle. If there is a chance of surgically fixing it, or tweaking it in some way to allow for more function, then they want to do that sooner rather than later. The Surgeon's can't say whether his tricuspid valve is salvageable unless they actually go into his heart and look at it.

Secondly, if they can do something with the valve, they want to do it sooner, rather than later, so as to give it ample time to function before it came down to needing to do the Fontan surgery, which is the third stage of surgery originally planned for Kimble. If the tricuspid can work well enough, then he may not need that last surgery, and could have a better functioning right heart.

So, the plan is for Kimble to undergo the Glenn procedure, which is rerouting the superior vena cava directly to the pulmonary valve, so as the bloodflow goes directly into the lungs, as opposed to getting pumped back into the nonfunctioning right chambers of his heart. While he is having the Glenn, the surgeons will look at his tricuspid and see what, if anything, they can do.

Even though the tricuspid valve is very tiny and very difficult to perform surgery on, his doctors feel it's best to do something now, instead of waiting. The benefits to waiting are that the valve is bigger and easier to adjust. However, if it is possible to make that valve better, via surgery, then they want to do it sooner, so that there is enough time to let it function as it should. It's all about weighing the options, which with Kimble, seem too numerous at times.

His cleft lip surgery is still scheduled for May 4th, and probably the day before, we'll go into the hospital to undergo some CathLab procedures, in preparation for his heart surgery the following month.

As with any surgery or procedure in the hospital, I get really nervous, but his next heart surgery is what really causes me to lose my composure. For some reason, I feel that this surgery is going to be what takes my baby from me. That he won't survive it. It's something I've carried with me since I first learned about his three stage surgery plan. I know that I just need to turn to my Heavenly Father to receive comfort. I think it's the only way to receive peace about this.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Walk To A Park

On Sunday, the weather was so nice out, that we took a late afternoon walk.  I even got to hold hands with my cute husband.

We took a left at the top of the hill and followed a little trail between neighborhoods.

We came upon a little stop that had bars to encourage pull-ups.   Keaton did a few, as did Kamy.

Georgie just had fun swinging.

Speaking of swinging, just down the path was a hidden park that you could only get to if you walked down the path.  Georgie loves getting pushed on the swings, and Kolby liked to gain momentum, and then hurl himself off the swings.

Mr. Kimble hasn't really been outside very much, so I think he really enjoyed the walk.
The kids were being swung around by their daddy. "Faster!  Faster!" they kept yelling.

Georgie handed us her sunglasses, and told us to let Mr. Kimble wear them while she was playing.

Then we decided to head down the trail again, and Georgie took off running, and wouldn't stop when we were calling her.  She must've gone about two blocks, by herself, before Heath caught up with her and brought her back. Her excuse was that she had to go potty, so she was trying to hurry home.  Needless to say, she got a stern talking to, about running off by herself and not listening to us when we tried to call her back.

Since we were really close to a friends' house, we walked over and had a quick potty break, (Thanks Heidi!) and then we headed home.  On the way back down the hill, we got a great view of Pikes Peak.

It was a fun hike, but poor Mr. Kimble was cold and very tired when we got home.  He fell asleep instantly.