Saturday, April 24, 2010

Don't You Love Random Picture Day?

Today is Random Picture Day. I made it up. Hope you'll celebrate it with me. Here are some random pictures from the last day or two.

First up, Mr. Kimble is sportin' his very first pair of overalls. A monumental day indeed. He is finally able to keep weight on his legs by standing for a little bit.

While I was making dinner, Kamy was reading a book to Kimble. She is so sweet to him.
She was also singing the song that goes with the words in the book.

When the Husband was recovering from the darn stomach flu, he had some Gatorade that he was drinking. He didn't want the kids to get his germs, so he wrote his name on the lid with a sharpie marker. "This says 'Dad'. That means it's mine and nobody can drink it but me." he said. Kolby really wanted the drink, but because "Dad"s name was on it, he knew it was off limits to everyone. Anyway, the next morning, I noticed something on one of the remaining bottles. Kolby had written his name on one of the lids. In Kolby's mind. that meant the drink was his!

I got out of the shower one morning to find these Bathing Barbies catching some rays along the edge of my bathtub.
Georgie laid them like this.

The kids were watching a movie together on their Snow Day on Friday.
Notice how they are all squished together on one side of the couch?

Mr. Kimble...catching some zzzz's. He still uses his old binkies (I reserve the nicer ones for public use)
and you can see his chest scar healing nicely.
Thanks for celebrating Random Picture Day with me.


young said...

love it! Such a cutie pie that Mr. Kimble! looks like Ammon when he sleeps.

Sharon said...

I think the barbies are my favorite... although i do love the kiddos too, oh and kolby's drink

Dan and Katie said...

I like random picture day!

Karen and Matt said...

How fun!!! Cute pictures! I totally love the one with Kolby writing his name on the lid. too funny!

dippyrooroo said...

I'm a fan of Random Picture Day!

purejoy said...

love them all squished on one side.
and i love that kimble is completely disinterested (at least at the time of the photosnap) in kami's book. classic. but how awesome to have big brothers and sisters.