Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Grouchy Momma Who Lives In A Barn

Kamy came home from school one day and said "Momma, I hope you aren't mad at me, but I wrote something about you for my homework.  I chose you as my 'person of interest' to write about, and I think I wrote something that you would be mad about."

Here is what Kamy wrote:
My Mom:  My mom lived in a barn when she was little.  She is 33 years old and if she doesn't sleep in, she is grouchy.  She has 5 children.  Their names are Kamyren, Keaton, Kolby, Georgie, and Kimble.
The end.

I  laughed when I read it.  I said to her, "First off, I lived on a ranch that HAD a barn.  I did not live IN the barn.  There is a difference.  Second, do you know why I get grouchy when I get woken up earlier than I plan?"  She didn't know why, so I told her "It's because I'm up 8 times a night feeding Kimble.  If I woke you up so much, and then didn't let you sleep until 7am, then you'd be a bit grouchy too!"

Anyway, her teacher and I had a little chuckle over her story during Parent/Teacher Conferences.  I'm sure she hears a lot more peculiar things from her students every day!


Colleen said...

I can just picture little Shaina, curled in a ball, sleeping on the straw of her barn bed. :) Funny Kami!

Heath said...

I can attest a bit with Kamy. Sleep is something that if found in low quantities in Mom it will bring out the "GM" (grouchy monster). Only a trained and armored professional should disturb a sleeping GM. It is at its most dangerous in the early morning, and should not be approached until later that morning until after it has had a chance to feed. Unknowing and innocent, small children, thinking it would be ok to disturb this beast have been known to suffer devastating attacks. The affects of which could last for hours and may including shortness of breath, watery eyes, ect. In extreme cases whole limbs have been bitten off, leaving the unsuspecting victim to amble off, short a limb.

kdaygirl said...

I think we practically did live in that barn, what with milking all the cows and playing in the barn before school. Riding Strawberry and playing in the cows water trough and using it as a swimming pool.
I really love that barn..
We used it as a cemetary to, for muffett, remember?

Brittany Nicole said...

Haha! I totally laughed out loud!

Jen Sue Wild said...

I love kids and the way they see things in there world!!

homefront said...

Muffet was run over infront of the barn, not buried there. So sad.

kdaygirl said...

She is buried there, by the fence.