Saturday, April 3, 2010

I Believe I Was Warned This Would Happen

So about a year ago, I crocheted a really cute dollie, and was so proud of my newfound skills. I placed her on a shelf in my craft room (well, corner of the unfinished basement), and repeatedly instructed Georgie that this dollie was off limits. I had even made her one of her own, just so she would stay away from my dollie.

But, as time moved on, I found my dollie continually missing from her safety on the shelf. Georgie always wanted to play with her. Well, one day, a few weeks ago, tragedy happened. My dollie's hair was butchered.

Needless to say, Georgie got in quite a bit of punishment for that little act of crime. She knew better than to use my scissors. She really knew better than to use them on something else...especially the doll she wasn't supposed to touch. We are always telling her that the only thing she is allowed to cut, is the paper we give her.

Well....yesterday, she was obviously tempted again...

She cut herself bangs. I guess I should be glad she didn't give herself a haircut, in the same way she cut the doll's hair.


Colleen said...

Oh so sad for little dolly! And very good it was just the bangs. I used to love to cut the towels and blankets when I was a kid, something about scissors and fabric.... I was in trouble a lot for that ;).

purejoy said...

sooooo sad for the dolly. she doesn't look nearly as cute as georgie does with a haircut.
at least georgie has a good touch with a pair of scissors.
but it's such a dang pain to grow out bangs.

i have a friend who has two little "hairdressers in training" and finds clumps of hair all the time, ha!
she puts hats on her girls when they're scissoring, which they're obsessed with!

she does look adorable. i'm hoping rosita can get some extensions. :-)

Megan said...

Lovely!! I hope your able to salvage both dolly's and Georgie's hair into a decent do.

Jeff and Lori said...

Hilarious! And so sad. Poor dollie. Poor Shaina. I distinctly remember cutting my hair with my mom's scissors (an early memory, promise) and distinctly knowing it was forbidden. It was an irresistible temptation.