Friday, April 9, 2010

Kissing Nooks and Pirate Kids

My very favorite place to kiss Kimble is right below his little ear and just on the outside of his big chubby cheeks. You almost have to push up his fat cheeks to get to this perfect baby-soft nook. There isn't much better than that. Last night, as the Husband was giving kisses to Kimble, I noticed he was just as partial to Kimble's squishiness as I was.

Today, the kids informed me that it was Pirate Day at school. They all enjoyed picking out their costumes at leisure this morning, probably at the expense of changing their underwear, which is what I thought they were doing for...oh, half an hour. However, by the time they left for school, underwear had been changed, breakfast was eaten, chores were done, teeth were brushed, and hands were washed. They may be pirates this morning, but they were clean pirates!

As the kids were doing last minute preparations for school, Georgie went down and found her old parrot costume from when she was 10 months old and we all dressed as pirates for Halloween...she was the parrot on daddy's shoulder. It was pretty cute. Anyway, Georgie came out and said "I'm a flying chicken!" and she got in the pirate picture I took before the kids left for school.

On a different subject entirely, I have an itouch (my very first introduction to modernization) and I'm having fun with free applications...or Apps, as they are known. This one, called Traffic Rush,, is my favorite. You try to keep the cars, trucks, and motorcycles going safely through the intersection without crashing into each other. Very fun. Very addicting. The kids enjoy playing it. And It's Free!

And lastly, Kolby always "forgets" his homework at school, so we need to improvise. I got him this dry erase board to practice writing words and sentences. These were the sentences we wrote last night. I'm trying to get him to pay attention to forming the letters nicely, and adding spaces between words.

Incidentally, Georgie has taken to call Kolby "Kolbs". Sometimes we call him "Kolbers". Kamy is known as "Kam" in her school classroom. Keaton is very particular about sounding out the "t" in is name. Every once in a while I think that maybe today will be the day that I start calling Georgie by her real name "Kennedy". But...she's still our little Georgie. We call Kimble our fat and happy baby, said with pride and love, but mostly we call him Mr. Kimble.


purejoy said...

kennedy is such an adorable name, but then again so is georgie. and she makes a pretty awesome flying chicken/parrot. so funny!
as always, love glimpses into life around your home. and if i were you, i'd miss out on life for my face would be ever-glued into kimble's neck. ha!

young said...

the husband can help you any fee based apps for...freeeeeee (your best adam sandler voice)

Colleen said...

That is a very good place for kissing. I absolutely agree! I love Georgie's nickname, but Kennedy is just about the coolest name ever. And Keaton constantly cracks me up. I can see him as a kid who is particular about the "T." Love him!

amy said...

I feel like we are partly living parallel lives! I am stealing your idea of helping Kolby write his sentences. . . on my son Spencer, he has the hardest time wanting to write clearly. I have a daughter named Sarah Anne. She will not respond to that though, she only will respond to "Jane" I dont even know where it came from. but that's her name for now. she's 3, and we love it! I also love to see picts. of your son wearing camo pants and old navy flag shirt. my son practically lives in them. And my Autumn also wears the rubber band around her shirt to! It must be an in thing. . .