Friday, April 2, 2010


Some of you may remember the delightful confrontation I had with my PCP and his practice over a copay that I shouldn't have had. Since then, I was billed multiple times for that copay, and threatened to take it to collections. So I wrote up a little note to them, with my attached copay, and told them that any office that charges for a copay when an examination didn't even (or couldn't even) take place, is ridiculous and doesn't deserve my business, and therefore I was switching PCPs. Our money would go to someone else.

I never heard back from them.

Contrary to my threats, I simply haven't had the time or focus to find a new PCP in the interim.

Which brings us to this week...and I'm back on track to getting Bronchitis. Lovely. The worst part isn't the cough. The worst part was knowing I would have to go back to this stupid office if I had any hope at getting antibiotics. I waited until Thursday to make an appointment, after the Husband came home from work, so I could just go in quickly, bite my tongue of all the things I wanted to say to them, and just get my prescription.

The time came. I arrived ten minutes early. I checked in at the desk by filling out a paper that had my name, reason for coming, and whether my insurance, address, phone numbers were all the same. (I did not inform them of my new home number.)

The people behind the desk saw me, but were "involved" in their own conversations, which were of a personal nature, but loud enough for me to hear. So as not to disturb their conversation, I placed the paper halfway across the edge of the counter, right in the line of sight of the lady that was sitting four inches away from it...made eye contact with her, then went and sat down in the waiting room, which was empty except for an elderly couple.

I pulled out my book and began reading. Ten minutes later, the elderly couple was called back, and I was left alone in the waiting room...but not for long. Another lady came in, who obviously had an appointment as well. I watched her fill out the same sheet of paper, then she came and sat down across from me, where I caught her eyeing my cute purse.

Ten minutes later, she was called to the back. Hmm.. That is strange, seeing as how I got here first. I waited another ten minutes, but all was silent in the waiting room. Then, a kid walks in the front door with his mother. The kid obviously has the same thing I do, as he was hacking and coughing and basically spreading his germy cough to everyone. Gee thanks.

After talking with the front desk people a few minutes, they came to the waiting room and sat down across from me. I got up and walked to the counter, where I saw the paper that I had filled out....STILL SITTING THERE. I picked it up...cleared my throat...waited a long minute, before the idiot behind the counter said "yes?". I handed her the paper and said "I filled this out when I arrived, 30 minutes ago, and it's still sitting here." She took it, looked at it a minute, and said "ok".

I went and sat back down. Fifteen minutes of awkwardness ensued between the mother, her son and me, where they stared at me, spoke amongst themselves, then stared some more, all the while I was trying to read my book and not think about how long I'd been sitting there...and then the back door opened. I couldn't believe it. They called "coughing boy" back.

I fumed a bit more, thinking that they had to be calling me back within a few minutes. Nope.

I looked at the time. I had been there a few minutes shy of one hour. One hour!! I picked up my purse, got ready to stand up, when I heard the door open again. I expected my name to be called...but instead, two nurses came out and started tidying up, completely ignoring me. They changed out the liners of the garbage cans, replaced new liners, started turning down the window blinds...basically closing up shop.

At this point, I'm shocked. I'm super mad. I've had enough. I got up and walked out.

If they charge me a copay, I'll not be held responsible for my actions.


Mags said...

You definitely should make the effort to find another doc's office. I'm surprised you went back at all. There has to be some sort of online patient rating of services in your area. You can search that out and hurt their business. Angry is an understatement to how you should feel toward them. Find a good way to vent it or outlet it.

Heidi said...

If they charge you a copay - report them to your insurance company.

Bek Bek Bek Bekah said...

Oh my gosh, I would be fuming! I cannot believe that how rude and so unprofessional. You need to find a way to report that. I so would. You have every reason to be hystarical at them. Something must be done. In the mean time what about an urgent care? I hope you are able to find a great PCP soon. and I hope you feel better soon. Man that makes me mad just thinking about it. urg!!

Jeff and Lori said...

I can't believe people like this can keep a business of ANY sort open. There has got to be a way to report. Grrrr.

Heath said...

Shaina is getting a bit better and on the down swing despite not getting the antibiotics or prescription meds from the doctors office. "I think that orange drink did it for me" she said. It's called "First Response". But I have been fighting what she has now for about a week, but its not as bad as she had it and I feel I am getting better.

courtney said...

So sorry Shaina!!!

taking "odorless" (they aren't really!) garlic pills. I seriously feel like I have stayed healthy this winter because I have been taking those and orange juice.

feel better soon!
love you!

Colleen said...

That is so RUDE! I am so sorry! I agree with Heidi, you should report them to the insurance company. Terrible. I'm fuming just reading this!!!!!

purejoy said...

i would speak to the doctor. sometimes they have no idea what is going on in the front of the house.

do you not have minute clinics (CVS/Walgreens) or any doc in the box where you live?

i would be FURIOUS!!

and i would probably hack all over them out of spite.


Ande said...

that is ridiculous. If you are sick they should see you period. i would report it to the insurance. maybe others have had problems and then your company might pull their funding them. i hope you are feeling better now.