Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Walk To A Park

On Sunday, the weather was so nice out, that we took a late afternoon walk.  I even got to hold hands with my cute husband.

We took a left at the top of the hill and followed a little trail between neighborhoods.

We came upon a little stop that had bars to encourage pull-ups.   Keaton did a few, as did Kamy.

Georgie just had fun swinging.

Speaking of swinging, just down the path was a hidden park that you could only get to if you walked down the path.  Georgie loves getting pushed on the swings, and Kolby liked to gain momentum, and then hurl himself off the swings.

Mr. Kimble hasn't really been outside very much, so I think he really enjoyed the walk.
The kids were being swung around by their daddy. "Faster!  Faster!" they kept yelling.

Georgie handed us her sunglasses, and told us to let Mr. Kimble wear them while she was playing.

Then we decided to head down the trail again, and Georgie took off running, and wouldn't stop when we were calling her.  She must've gone about two blocks, by herself, before Heath caught up with her and brought her back. Her excuse was that she had to go potty, so she was trying to hurry home.  Needless to say, she got a stern talking to, about running off by herself and not listening to us when we tried to call her back.

Since we were really close to a friends' house, we walked over and had a quick potty break, (Thanks Heidi!) and then we headed home.  On the way back down the hill, we got a great view of Pikes Peak.

It was a fun hike, but poor Mr. Kimble was cold and very tired when we got home.  He fell asleep instantly.


runningfan said...

We enjoyed seeing you! Gavin is still sad that he scraped his knees and didn't get to play with your kids in the street.

kendra said...

i love days like that! just having fun with the kids.

I can't believe Kimble is 5 months already. Time is moving fast!

purejoy said...

great post about mr. kimble. he's so adorable. i love how he likes to be all swaddled!
i adore georgie. that little pouty face is so cute. i've been walking in my neighborhood in the morning and i rue ever drinking a cup of coffee. because invariably, i have to pee about 1/2 way through. so i understand completely the haste to return home!!
what a fun walk. so much better as a family!

Maynards said...

Sounds like a fun little outing! Family walks are the best. Cute hand holding picture.