Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Binkie Situation

 For three weeks after Kimble's Cleft Lip surgery, I thought a lot about binkies.  More importantly, I wished I could give Kimble his binkie again.  Before his surgery, his binkie was a close tie with me, in terms of what, or who, held the number one slot on Kimble's love-o-meter.  After his surgery, when he fussed after he ate, or as he was drifting off to sleep, or when he wanted to be soothed by sucking, he was really sad.  That made me really sad.  We were sad together...counting the days (I'm sure Kimble was counting, in his own way) until the three weeks were up, and we could have a huge binkie party.  Binkies for everyone!

My party plans fizzled out though, when I was finally given the ok to give Kimble his binkie again.  Kimble shunned it.  He shunned it bad.  Poor binkie.

It was like Kimble didn't know what do do with it anymore.  He gummed it a bit.  He played with it in his fingers.  But sucking on it?  What's that?  I'm supposed to suck on this thing?

But I was persistent.  Now you are probably asking "Why not just do away with the binkie and save myself the trouble later on?"  Well, because I know how much he is soothed by sucking.  I know how much it helps him to sleep.  I know how much I NEED him to suck on something else...because frankly, I'm very sore.  I need him to love his binkie again.

So I kept offering it to him.  Some nights, I could slip it in when he was dozing, and he sucked on it as he drifted into slumber.  Occasionally, he'll suck on it when he is awake.  Yesterday, he sucked on it a lot.  I think the binkie has made a comeback.  Kimble is happy.  I am happy.

Although he doesn't suck on it near as much as he use to, I will continue to give it to him.  Even though most of his days now, he is content to just sit on my lap, and watch the world around him, I'm sure his binkie will climb the charts in no time.


Megan said...

But it may not. When Chelsea was about 6 mo. old she got an ear infection - before that she was attached to a binkie - after she only used it as a play thing and never sucked on it for soothing again. But I totally understand your soreness and you wanting him to have something else to suck on. I've been there too and I would have LOVED if they would suck on something else :)

Sharon said...

Im a HUGE fan of binkies! Max always has his close by, and I support their relationship :)

The Mitchells said...

I love binkies! I'm all for the baby getting soothed by something besides me! Its so much easier, and we haven't had too terrible of a time getting rid of them when the time comes. Even Jaden, who was obsessed with his binkie for the first year of his life gave it up without too much drama. They just don't need as much soothing when they are older. I'm glad he's taking to it again.

Sara said...

Andrew would never take one! It turned out fine, but it meant 2 hours of nursing in the evening to wind him down for bed! I totally understand the need for him to take his binkie! :) Hey, I need your help with something! I'm trying to make the Margaret sling bag, but when I pull up the pattern from her website, the top right pattern piece for the body is a blank page! So I'm missing that piece of the pattern. Do you have it saved on your computer where you could email it to me? I hope so! I really want to make it and use it for a gym bag! Still loving your blog, and we still miss you guys! You are still talked about at church, any time the subject of talented women, sewing, or creativity comes up, you are remembered and admired! :) Take care, Sara