Saturday, May 8, 2010

Boys And Their Cards

On Friday, Kolby's class had a special "Mother's Day Tea".  They presented us will songs, poems, butterfly wristbands, and yummy food.  Kolby also gave me a Mother's Day card.  On the outside was a beautiful stem of flowers colored with crayons and made out of tissue paper.  On the inside, he was supposed to list attributes that described his mother.  He wrote: "Listener."  "Giver."  "Love."  "Serious."  "Ok."  "Brain too little."  "Cooks."  Hmmm. It seems like there is one part of that that's not like the other!

After school, Keaton also presented me with a handmade Mother's Day card.  (Forgive the picture of us.  I had actually gotten a nap that day, and looked a bit less than glamorous!)  On the outside, he drew him and I standing below a full moon, holding hands.  On the inside, there was a paper flower, and on every petal, was written something nice about me.  He wrote: "You take good care of me.  I like that."  "You cook really good meals."  You are really kind to me."  "I work hard for you in cub scouts."  "I will be quiet for you if you are sick."  "You are the best mom ever."  "I love you mom!"


Trinette McCrary said...

Happy Mother's Day Shaina. Your a wonderful mother!

Ande said...

Beautiful cards!! So glad that Kimble is breastfeeding again. He is so adorable and such a trooper!!!

homefront said...

My dream, that you will all be better than me in everyway!

LollyChops said...

I sincerely love cards and crafts that kids make over everything else!

Thanks for sharing this Shaina!

Happy Mother's Day!