Saturday, May 1, 2010

Chenille Burp Cloth Tutorial

I love these burp cloths!  They have a cute patterned material on one side, and a soft chenille on the other.  Just perfect for being trendy and absorbent at the same time!  They are cut in a rectangular shape too, so they are just about the easiest thing to make.  Let's get started.

Pick out your material.    I like to choose two fabrics that are coordinating, along with some chenille.  Chenille is a bit pricey, so make sure you have a 50% off coupon or something.  I like to get 1/2 yard each of two different fabrics, and 1 yard of chenille.  This will make about 8 burp cloths.

Cut out ALL of your material into 18x8.5 inch rectangles.  Pin together one piece of chenille with one piece of your patterned material (right sides together).

Sew all the way around it with a straight stitch, leaving about 3 inches unsewn along one of your short sides so you can flip it right side out.   Once flipped, iron all along the edges to make sure everything is nice and pretty.  Pin your opening closed.

Choose a decorative stitch and then sew all the way around your burp cloth.  This will make your burp cloth pretty, and it will also serve to close up your opening.  This stitch also keeps your burp cloth looking nice and sharp, instead of having seams that roll over and bunch up.

Roll them up and tie them with a pretty ribbon, then give them to your friends for Baby Shower Gifts!  Or, you can keep them all to yourself.  Your baby will love them.

Make sure to include these instructions:  Wash in COLD water, in a separate load from your other clothes, to make sure the color doesn't bleed.  The chenille will also shed the first few times you wash and dry them, so make sure you don't wash them with your husband's work clothes!  After a few washings, they are fine and you can wash them with your other baby blankets and clothes.  Of course, you can always pre-wash all the material and save yourself all the shedding trouble later on.


Shavonne said...

Yay! I was glad you were going to do this tutorial, as I have seen this given sometimes in baby showers and wanted to learn how. Thanks!!!!

Shavonne said...

Hmm, my last comment didnt' stick. Anyway, I'm glad you did this tutorial, I wanted to learn how to make them! And I really like your material choice, super-duper cute!!

The Mitchells said...

I love your burp cloths, and the blanket you gave me is so awesome too. It is it the perfect size to wrap her up all snuggly in. I learned the hard way not to wash them with Jeff's work clothes though!

Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage said...

Just too cute and easy!