Thursday, May 27, 2010


Food, glorious food! We're anxious to try it!
Three banquets a day; Our favourite diet!
Just picture a great big steak fried, roasted or stewed,
Oh! Food, wonderful food, marvellous food, glorious food.

Just thinking of growing fat; our senses go reeling,
One moment of knowing that; full up feeling.
Food, glorious food!  What wouldn't we give for,
that extra bit more.  That's all that we live for.
Why should we be fated, to do nothing but brude?
Oh food, magical, food, wonderful, food, marvellous, food,
fabulous, food, beautiful, food, glorious food!

That is from the musical Oliver!  That is the way Mr. Kimble should be acting about food.  Not necessarily dressed in rags with dirty fingernails, salivating their way down the stairs into the dungeon to eat...But at the very least, Kimble, who is almost 7 months old, should flap his arms in anticipation and open his mouth with haste and try to gobble down his food with eagerness.

Instead, Kimble wants nothing, Absolutely Nothing, to do with baby food.

I've tried to feed him veggies, in all forms, deliciously pureed and dripping off the spoon.  I've tried rice cereal spiked with breastmilk.  I've tried fruit.  I've tried table food.  I've tried making it thicker.  I've tried making it thinner.  I've tried feeding him sitting  up, lying down, propped up on my lap, or held by another.  He will not have it!

I bring the spoon to his mouth.  He stares at it in defiance.  I work it in his mouth, he cries.  I try to get him to swallow it.  He gags on it. 

Then he throws a temper tantrum, glaring at me with the injustice of it all.  By the way, the residue of food on his mouth is pureed prunes and apples, mixed with rice cereal.

I know he should be eating solids by now.  I have been trying.  I've been "gently nudged" to make sure he's eating solid food a few times a day, by many a  healthcare professional.  They should really be telling Kimble.  I'm giving.  He's not accepting. 

The really odd thing is, Kimble will eat something (besides breastmilk).  He loves club crackers with a passion.  He also loves the little puff cereal that dissolves in his mouth.  If he had teeth, I'd be in danger of getting my fingers gnawed on, for how anxiously he gums the crackers and puff cereal.  He works it around his mouth just fine, and doesn't gag on it or spit it out.  So why won't he eat anything else?  Yeah.  I don't know either.

So we wait.  We offer him more food.  One of these days he will want it.  Right?


Sheri said...

Sounds sensory to me.

He may not like the texture of the food or he may not like the feel of the spoon.

I had one who wouldn't eat solids until he was quite old. I joked that I would be breastfeeding that boy until he was 5. Eventually we found a small series of foods he could handle (eggs being one of them). Now he just eats all.the.time.

Jed and Kera said...

First, it's weird to see Kimble upset. I can't think of another post you've added that has him unhappy! :O)

Second, Dalton, my one year old, was the same way. He loved club crackers, puffs, and low sodium saltine crackers. He would gag or vomit (not spit up!) every time we tried stuff with him. We started at 4 months and at 6 months he was finally ok with pureed fruits and veggies. He would not eat anything warmed at all. :o/ Then all of a sudden he became the best eater imaginable.

Then we started trying table food two months ago (11 months old) and he did the same thing! When we would visit my family's house everyone would act like I was this terrible health nut not wanting my baby to eat table food (which was cooked pretty southern, and I like us to eat healthy, but it wasn't because of that). Then they saw Dalton's reactions to table food! :O)

Dalton HATED his birthday cake. He cried when we gave him a taste! Now one month after that he eats almost everything we do and LOVES every minute of it! Last night we had a weight watchers Mexican veggies, red beans, and rice and he was eating green peppers, kidney beans, etc!

VERY long story short....It's all on Kimble's time. :O) And I know you know that being a seasoned Mommy. Here I am the CLUELESS first time mom! :O) Have a good day! Hope Kimble decides food is yummy!

Kati said...

I had the same problem with my little boy. It was almost like he didn't know how to swallow. We took him to a speech therapist and she recommended mashed potatoes and start them out really soft and slowly make them chunkier and chunkier, and before we knew it he was eating and swallowing without gagging. Now he eats non-stop!

I know you're probably getting a lot of advise so sorry if this is annoying, but I know how you feel. So I couldn't help but share.

Good Luck!

P.S. He is so adorable!

Vix said...

Have you thought about trying Baby Led Weaning with finger foods for him? Try giving him a bit of banana (and watching like a hawk!). My two took too food like ducks to water but I maintained "food is for fun until they are one" as my moto, your breastmilk is still giving him tonnes of good nutrition and he is gloriously chubby! x

Kristi said...

It is almost as if you have described Kevin in this post. He only likes graham crackers. I have finally gotten him to take about 5 bites of any given baby food without gagging, but no more. After bite 5, he just starts pushing everything out with his tongue.

So good luck, and know that I am right there with you.

Melanna said...

Hi, I've just started reading your blog and when you posted this, I had to comment.

My daughter (now almost 2) was born 7 weeks premature. So when she hit 7.5 months (which would have made her about 6 months had she been born on time) I started her on rice cereal. Or so I tried. We struggled every day for months. To the point we were both in tears! I tried every brand of food. I tried purees, I tried every gadget out there to help a child eat and she wanted nothing to do with any of it. I was frustrated, she was frustrated and I really was beginning to think she would NEVER eat real food. Then my sister found something in a book about picky eaters (I don't know which one, but it was written by a nurse) that mentioned that children who have had a lot of tubes down their throats often have an aversion to putting things in their mouth, like spoons and well, food. This was so true of my daughter! We never went through the phase of "everything in the mouth." In fact, the only thing she EVER put in her mouth was her thumb!
So I laid off. I ignored everyone telling me she "needed" to eat. She was breastfed, so I knew she was getting good nutrition there. We sat her at the table with us when we ate and we would give her things to hold, like arrowroot cookies, crackers or other things that would easily turn to mush in her mouth if she happened to put them there. And one day she did. She was 2 weeks shy of her first birthday. I almost cried. We then were able to start her on some cereals, pureed fruit, veggies etc. And she actually ate them! With interest and delight. But it had to be at her speed and she liked if they were things she fed herself.
She still has some foods she hates (anything with tomato sauce or ground beef she turns up her nose to), but now will mostly eat anything.
So, I wouldn't fret. It probably is a sensory thing. His mouth has been through a lot in his short life. Let him put things in his own mouth, when he wants to. No child starves themselves to death if given opportunity to eat.

shaina said...

I appreciate everyone's comments. I think a lot of it makes sense. I know he will eat when he's ready, and it probably is a sensory thing, and Melanna, your comment really struck a cord with me. Poor Kimble has had so many tubes down his throat, I'm sure he does have an aversion to things in his mouth. Brilliant observation.

Adri said...

Kate made that EXACT gagging face when she was forced to 'try' solids as a baby. I think she walked before she really ate any baby food. He'll get it!

Maynards said...

At least he doesn't look like he is missing out on food. His cheeks are just as fast and adorable as ever. I hope he finds something he likes soon. Good luck.

The Mitchells said...

Addison is hating food so far. You've gotten tons of great advice already so good luck!

Team Sax said...

Karl prefers milk over anything, too. He will eat it, but doesn't really care for it.

Julie said...

I love the gagging picture! We get the same thing from Adam....but luckily not all the time...just went he's eating green beans. The "baby food" stage is one of my least favorites because it is so messy and doesn't seem nearly as enjoyable for the baby as nursing!

SarahB said...

You know, 2 of my 3 didn't want a thing to do with baby food! One just waited until finger-food stage (which is what it sounds like Kimble wants) and then she developed a great solid-food appetite! Since he's getting breastmilk and does like the puffs and crackers, I wouldn't worry. :)