Thursday, May 13, 2010


Georgie makes me laugh with the things she says.  She's in that stage where she knows a lot of words, but doesn't always use them how they should be used.

"Because I'm a sister!"  Georgie uses this phrase all wrong.  I'll say "Good job eating all your noodles" and she'll say "Yes. Thank you.  It's because I'm a sister!"  Or I will tell her to buckle up in the car, and she'll say "I can buckle up real good because I'm a sister!"  I ask her if she brushed her teeth and she'll say "Yes I did, because I'm a sister, right?"  So cute.

"Tomorrow...."  or "Yesterday...."  Everything, in relation to time, is either tomorrow or yesterday, with Georgie.  "Tomorrow, I will be a big girl and get my ears pierced" (she has to wait until she's 12). Yesterday, I was a baby just like Mr. Kimble!"  "Tomorrow, we get to go to the park and it's my birthday and we'll have Christmas!"  "We came home from the hospital tomorrow."  I want to eat spaghetti for dinner yesterday."

"Oh My..."  Georgie says "Oh my goodness" or "Oh my gosh" so many times a day.  It's usually followed by "We can say oh my gosh, right momma?"

"What can I do now, momma?"  She asks me this all day long.  It begins after she eats breakfast.  "What can I do now, momma?"  The only problem is, she never likes my suggestions.  "You can with your barbies, read a book, color, listen to music, ride your bike, wash your hands, get dressed, watch a movie, color...etc."  She always balks at my suggestions.  One time, I told her "You can clean the whole house!" and she said "Oh-right!" and started picking up her toys.   Unfortunately, it only lasted about 30 seconds before she asked...."What can I do now, momma?"

Whenever Georgie is imitating what someone else has said, she makes her voice very high and squeaky and so funny to hear.  She'll say to me "Yes, Grandma said on the phone (then she changes her voice to high and squeaky) 'I love you.  Be a good girl'." Then she'll return to her normal voice.  It's so cute and funny.

She loves to talk on the phone, and is often seen around the house with an old cell phone that doesn't work anymore.  She holds it up to her ear and has very long pretend conversations with her friends.  Oh, and she also talks her friend's part, as well as her own.  How do I know who is talking?  She changes her voice to her "high and squeaky" voice when it's her friend who is speaking.

She tells everyone we see that her name is Georgie.  People are very respectful, and although I can see that most of them wonder why we named a girl 'George', they just smile and make polite conversation with her.

George loves to draw her little figures, but what is funny, is that she draws them upside down.  What I mean is, that she starts with the head, then draws two dots for eyes, then she draws the mouth above that, the legs coming out of the top of the head (and she likes to draw them "covered with a blanket"), the hair is drawn as and extra circle going around the head, and then she draws arms, with an "x" at the end for the hands.

I love hanging out with my little Georgie.


Erica Hettwer said...

She's such a cutie! My mom's college roommate is named Georgie. :)

runningfan said...

I'd love to hear Georgie's high and squeaky voice....isn't her regular voice pretty high and squeaky? :)

Heath said...

Daddy loves you too, my little Georgie.

Vix said...

She is adorable, and I suspect would get on very well with my wee one Phoebe (also 4, going on 16 mind)! They are so funny at this age.

Nancy said...

Georgie is the cutest ever!

LC said...

I've got a little one obsessed with "yesterday." I'll say things like "Let's take a potty break," and he'll remind me that he "Already did that yesterday." Pretty cute!

Colleen said...

She's such a sweet girl! LOVE the "I'm a sister." So funny! The "yesterday" one reminds me of things Luke says.

purejoy said...

how fun to remember the little things that kids say and do.
my niece used to say, "what did you said?" and it was so adorable. i hate when they get older and figure it all out.
she sure is a cutie!