Thursday, May 6, 2010

Pictures of Hospital Stay

I just can't get over how cute Mr. Kimble looked in his hospital gown.  I think I want to make one for him, for his next hospital stay.  I stole borrowed his little gown so I could have a pattern to go from.  I think I'll make some changes to it, though.  I think I'll do snaps instead of ties (the knots in the ties were uncomfortable for him to lie on) and I'll have him wear it with the opening in the front, instead of the back, so that his chest can be uncovered after his surgery.

This next picture is a scan from his Cath Lab procedure.  Here, they were adding contrast to his right ventricle (which has grown some since he was born... hooray!) and you can clearly see the wires along his chest bone, that were placed after his last heart surgery.  I just really liked the picture.

Recovering after the Cath, Kimble was back to his old self, after a few hours.

Kimble gets a kick out of watching my hand, curled into a claw, descend down from above, and tickle his tummy.  He gives the cutest little guttural laughs.

As always, his oxygen saturation needs to be monitored.  The red light shines through and creates a glow around him.

Taking a picture together.

Kimble, taking his early morning nap, before we went down to surgery.

This next picture may be my absolute favorite.  We were taking some pictures of him with the little camera, and then showing Kimble the pictures through the viewfinder.  He was very intrigued!

Then he had his cleft lip surgery.  The next day, we brought him home.  He looked pretty sad in his car seat with his no-no's on.

I forgot to bring my usb cable for my big camera to the hospital, so I couldn't get pictures uploaded beforehand.  I just want to thank you all for your well-wishes and comments and texts and prayers and support.  It meant everything to us.


runningfan said...

So glad you're safely home. Need anything?

Shonni said...

No matter how you take pictures of him...he is adorable!!!

Jen said...

He is so cute hospital gown, no nos and all. Hope he doesn't have to wear them for too long. Would you make me a hospital gown for when I have Jakob this summer. :) Just kidding. Kimble is a very lucky boy.

Colleen said...

Boy oh boy, that boy is cute!

Dan and Katie said...

You are like the best mom.