Thursday, May 13, 2010

Some 'Thank You Card' Outtakes

Last week, when we were in the hospital with Kimble, we had many dear friends who helped us so much.  They had the kids spend the night at their houses.  They picked them up from school.  They watched Georgie during the day.  They fed us.  They did anything and everything possible, to make sure that the kids were covered, so that Heath and I could stay at the hospital.

The kids all wrote Thank You cards to everyone who helped.  Some cards were lost, and we had to make new ones.  Then, after I mailed them out, I found the old ones.  Here are the outtakes.  (I absolutely LOVE my kids' drawings!)

Kamy did the one on the left.  Kolby wrote his "thank you" on the top right, Georgie drew the stick figure, and Keaton drew the dynamic duo, which I believe is him and Kolby.

Another card from Kamy.

Keaton drew this next one.  Adri, I think this one was intended for you.  I'm not sure if the bearded figures are supposed to be you and Chad...but I got a kick out of them.
Thank you again, for everyone who helped out and for everyone who WANTED to help out, and for all the support and love we received from all of you.  Like Kamy said in one of the cards...Kimble is doing well.  In fact, he's doing great.


Trinette McCrary said...

I LOVED the cute thank you card we got in the mail yesterday.

Queen of Chaos said...

What a fun ans cute way to say thank you. :)

It's GREAT you have good friends who have helped you all out. Very sweet.

See you and Kimble soon!