Wednesday, June 30, 2010

More Pictures!

Here are some more pictures, from our family photoshoot.  If anyone in our area is looking for a photographer, I HIGHLY recommend Cristy!!  Photography by Cristy covers family pictures, weddings, graduations, engagement, new babies, and any other occasion for getting pictures taken.  She is an 'on location' photographer, so that means you pick a spot, and she'll come to you!  Fantastic!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


My house smells like oxygen.  I'm so in tune with that scent, that even though I'm sure if you walk in my house, you wouldn't think "oxygen!", I smell it.  It clings and oozes from Kimble.  That's alright though, because it's what he needs right now.  Kimble is on oxygen for a few weeks.  This will help his lungs expand and contract a bit more easily, which will prevent fluid build-up around his lungs.  Build-up means drainage, which means surgery and drainage tubes.  We are hoping to prevent that.  Thus: Oxygen.

Also, Mr. Kimble is sportin' a cute little bib that he got in the CICU.  Our friend Heather, who works there, had these designed for their cardiac babies.  For six weeks, Kimble can't be picked up under his arms.  I need to cradle-hold him when I pick him up, or move him around.  Picking up from under the arms stretches his chest, which is freshly sewn together (from the rib cage, to the muscles, to the skin and tissues) and we don't want to damage the healing process.  The bibs are to remind you...just in case you forget...which is easy to do.

We are very happy to be home.  I love having my own bathroom again (without paper toilet seat covers), my own bed to sleep in, darkness and quiet at night (instead of it being alive with hospital life), and my own kitchen.  Although I'm low on food, there's gotta be something around that I can make.  Kitchens make me happy.

Since my van is in Utah with the kids, I'm kinda stuck at home during the day, but I'm not put out by that at all.  I get to enjoy some quiet time with Kimble.  I have a stack of books to read.  I have some laundry to do.  I'm quite happy.  So happy, in fact, that I might just take a few days off blogging...

...or maybe not.  We'll see.

Monday, June 28, 2010


It's official!  We are going home!  Ultrasound and X-ray were great.   Kimble passed with flying colors.  Now we just wait until Daddy comes to pick us up, and we are on our way home.

My other four kids!

I know I've talked a lot about Kimble this last week, but since I do have four other kids, I thought I'd share a post that my sister (my bff!) put up on her blog.  She has my kids right now, and combined with the dozen or so other cousins that are there, they are having a great time.

Check out her post HERE to see what my kids have been up to.

Baths and Smiles

The most significant thing that happened yesterday, was that Mr. Kimble got another bath.  We just hung out together.  In the next picture, you can see his three chest tube sites that still have sutures, some bruising, and you can see his chest scar, where they opened his chest.  It is covered with a thin tape layer.  Once the skin underneath is healed enough, the tape layer peels away on its own.  The bottom part has already started pulling away.  He isn't bothered by it at all, except that it itches him.
We are waiting for X-ray and for ultrasound.  Once those two things are finished, the results will tell us whether we can go home today!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Just Chillin'

I cannot tell you how fabulous Kimble is doing.  I cannot believe that he had heart surgery on Monday.  Six days later, he's doing so well.  Really, he's been doing well for a few days.  He's been on Tylenol for his pain management...and nothing else.  Crazy!  He plays.  He babbles.  He flirts with the nurses.  He eats.  He has quiet time and noisy time.  He couldn't be doing better, especially when he gets to play with all of his cords.
We ditched the hospital gown and dressed him in some button-down jammies.  They do a much better job keeping all of his cords and lines contained, so we feel like we are holding a baby again, instead of tubes and cords.
We are waiting around here, to see if he develops edema around his heart and/or lungs.  This buildup of fluid isn't good, and would need to be drained with chest tubes again.  So, tomorrow, he's scheduled for an x-ray and an echocardiogram, to check for fluid.  Today, we do nothing but chill out, and we are happy to do that.

Thank you for all of your wonderful comments.  Even though hospital life tends to get a bit lonely, I still feel nice and connected with everyone!  Hope you all have a great Sunday.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Post-Op Day 4

Yesterday was a nice and slow day, full of waiting and transitioning.  We started the morning off on the right foot, with Kimble having eaten about five times through the night.  He was back to where he was pre-surgery.  His doctors were thrilled.  I didn't have to use the breast pump anymore, so I was thrilled, and Kimble was nice and happy.  Thrilled all around.

Mid morning, Kimble had his final chest tube removed.   He got another sponge bath, and with everything clean and fresh, and a full belly, he settled down to watch Cinderella.  He is so funny about watching tv.  Very focused on the tv on the wall.

Oh,then we had a visitor!  Teresa came to visit.  Just like Julie, she remembers all the smells and feeling that the CICU re-surface.  We were even in the room they were in, with their baby Chance, so it was even more poignant.  Teresa gave Kimble some love, while I waited out in the waiting room with Chance and his two big sisters.  Teresa also brought us a yummy Old Chicago Pizza.  Thanks for coming  Teresa!

After that....we got transferred to the 9th floor!  We switched to the CPCU, which is the cardiac step down unit.  They even put us in the same room we were in, when we got moved here in November.  However, I hated that room, since it was right by the door, and you got a lot of traffic and noise.  I pleaded my case, and we got a different room, further down the hallway, and much more quiet.  This room has walls, and it's own bathroom!

For the next few days, we just sit and wait.  Everyone is watching to see if Kimble will develop extra fluid buildup around his heart and/or his lungs.  He did last time, and needed to have it drained.  To try to prevent this fluid build-up, we are still double-dosing his diuretics.  We will have another echocardiogram on Monday, and that will check for fluid.  Until then, we just hang out.

Believe me, we are more than thrilled to just sit around.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Post-Op Day 3

Today was a really good day!  Here's Mr. Kimble's Top 10 for his post-op Day 3.

10:  Double dose of lasix with a topping of another diuretic.  We could almost see those fluids decreasing minute by minute.  With the fluid reduction came a few happy things, like:

9:  Eating!  Although Kimble still isn't quite up to par with his eating, he did much better today. He had his appetite back, and let us know that he was hungry.  That was a fantastic step in the right direction.

8:  Awake time.  Kimble actually wanted to be awake and interact with us.  He started cooing again.  He watched us entertain him.  He watched two more movies today (Finding Nemo and Up), which he then dozed off  halfway through like he was an old man.

7:  Sitting up.  He is no longer an invalid on the bed.  He can sit up on my lap again, and he loved the new perspective.  Also, his daddy got some time with him today, which they both loved.

6:  Plasma.  He received two packets of FFP (fresh frozen plasma) to boost up his blood so that it will clot.  The plasma worked like a charm.

5:  Visits from nurses and doctors.  Kimble is quite a popular little boy.  Many nurses and doctors remember him (and us) from our five week stay in Nov/Dec.  He gets quite a few comments like "He's a horse!"  "Look at those thighs!" and "Oh, he is the cutest baby ever!"  (Here is a picture with him and our Fellow doctor, Jesse.  It was nap time for Kimble. :))

4:  Quiet time.  Kimble likes his naps.  He rests and recovers very well for being a patient.

3:  Toys.  Kimble loves his new toys, like his chest tubes, his nasal canula, his blood pressure monitor, and his medicine lines.  They are fun to play with, pull on, and twist up.  Speaking of his nasal canula, Kimble is back on oxygen.  I'll talk more about that when we get discharged.

2:  Removals!  Kimble had two of his chest tubes removed today, along with his RA pressure line.  He received some medication beforehand, which was supposed to make him very drugged and very calm, so he wouldn't flap his arms and feet around, and so that he would not elevate his pressures at all, while the tubes were being removed.  Well, the medicine made him still for about 20 seconds, and then he got all giggly and prancy and he was grabbing at things and cooing at the doctor.  It was hilarious, and he made everyone laugh.  He also got a second dose of it, which made him even more vocal.  He was very cute.

1:  Number 1 on the list today, was that Kimble got his smile back!!  Yay for Kimble.  A happy baby means everything when you are post-op!

Post-Op Day 2

Well, yesterday started off in kinda a bum way.  After Heath and I showered, and came back to the room, we saw that Kimble did not look good.  Surgically, he was fine, but he was simply lying there, with a blank stare on his face, completely detached from any responsiveness.   In conjunction with that, he was extremely swollen from fluid retention.  Not only that, he didn't have an appetite.  All of these things made me worry.

So we talked with our Attending, Dr. Shannon Buckvold.  We actually had her as our attending the last week we were in the hospital in December, so it was nice to have her around again.  Also, Jesse, the Fellow doctor, is here with us too.  Jesse saved Kimble's life multiple times, the night after his first heart surgery.  So, it was nice to have familiarity with us this time.  They know Kimble.  They know us.  It makes it so much easier to trust what they say.

Ok, so back to talking with Dr. Buckvold.  After some conversation about what Kimble was doing and how he was reacting to things, she suggested that his overabundance in fluid retention, combined with effusion (swelling) around the liver, pressed on his stomach and made him feel full. This reaction is similar to what they see in patients with the Fontan procedure, which is the next stage surgery after the Glenn, where the bottom half of the body's bloodflow is rerouted directly to the lungs.

Because Dr. Campbell closed off the ASD (the hole between the two atriums of the heart), this could have made Kimble's recovery very rocky.  Instead, Dr. Campbell had ultimate wisdom in Kimble's case, and it's been positive for Kimble.  However, they now need to get rid off all the swelling before they can take the next step, which is to remove his chest tubes, his RA line (a pressure monitor directly in his right atrium) and his central line in his groin.

Another reason for the delay in removing everything, was that they needed his blood to be clotting.  Even with his blood transfusions, he still has too thin of blood for them to remove the tubes and lines.  It's imperative that it clots.  A bleed from the heart is very very bad.

Anyway, seeing Kimble totally detached and unresponsive in the morning, it was very troubling.  However, we started him on a double double dose of diuretics, as well as some plasma to boost his blood, and an extra day of resting, recovering, and eating.

I held Kimble many times through the day.  He loves to be held. 

He even started grabbing at stuff again, like my clothes, his clothes, his blanket, and my hand.  He also got his voice back, and was full of babbles and sounds.  (When they intubate, the tube goes directly through the voicebox, so it takes a while for their voice to come back, as well as for their throat to stop hurting enough to want to be vocal again.)

Later in the day, he had another visitor.  My friend Lydia was visiting her niece in the hospital, and decided to come down to see Mr. Kimble too.  Thanks for visiting Lydia!

After that, Kimble got a bath.  He stunk.  Even though it was only a sponge bath, he got a good scrubbing from our nurse Carolina.  I brought some lotion for him from home, and just like that, he smelled like our Kimble again.

The bath seemed to rejuvenate him again. He started playing with his toys. 

Well actually, he kept playing with all his lines and cords and tubes.  We couldn't have that.  He already pulled out his IV, as well as turned a dial on one of his lines that they take blood samples from and created a mess all around him.  Curious boy.    So we keep his lines and tubes covered, and try to keep him entertained with his toys.  Daddy helped by making his arm into a human mobile.

All that playing made him tired.  He slept, with one arm holding his toy.

Later in the evening, we turned on the tv (for the first time since Sunday).  Kimble was mesmerized with "So You Think You Can Dance" and watched it the entire time, much to the amusement of anyone who came in our room.  He was very into it.  I think he has a favorite dancer...but I won't jinx it by telling. :)

He had an uneventful night.  Slept through most of it, which is better than he does at home.  The plan for today is to get more plasma into him, followed by removing his chest tubes and RA line...hopefully!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Post-Op Day 1

Overall, Kimble had a really good day yesterday.   Esther came back to check up on him (pictured above) and he pretty much spent the entire day in my arms.  It was a bit of a struggle to get him in my arms.  Tubes and wires had to be carefully adjusted, and once he was in my arms, I couldn't move him around too much or he would cry in pain.  The three drainage tubes are the most painful things for him.  However, once he was in my lap, I held him for as long as I could.  I also was able to breastfeed him again.  Although his appetite isn't yet what it should be, we are making progress.

When he wasn't sleeping in my arms, he was sleeping comfortably in his crib.  In fact, he spent most of yesterday sleeping, and he even slept most of the night.  We keep a blanket over his body, so he won't grab at his tubes and wires.  It also just keeps everything looking clean and tidy.  He ended up pulling out his IV last night, and then gave us a look like "What IV?  I didn't do it!"

I sat like this, with Kimble, most of the day.  Kimble slept and slept, in my arms, completely content.

Later in the day, Kimble had his first visitor.  Julie came to visit him, and brought us a yummy dinner too.  As I've mentioned before, Julie was in the CICU with us, back in November, with her baby Adam who was born the same day as Kimble.
So overall, it was a productive day for Kimble.  He slept and ate and slept and slept.  He also got to wear his sweet knitted hat that his Aunt Shavonne made him.

Kimble slept through the night, and this morning, he is still sleeping.  He only wakes up for moments at a time, and although I know the sleep is doing him some good, in other ways, it's telling us that Kimble's body is still struggling a bit.  First off, if you notice in the above picture, he is pretty puffy.  He is retaining fluids.  He's on medicine to help him eliminate that, but as of right now, it's not working too well.  They just increased the amount, as well as prescribed something else to piggy-back that, to help him lose this fluid retention.

Kimble also isn't eating as much as he should be, or as much as I want him to.  I think he should be hungry, but Kimble isn't.   When Kimble is awake, he is pretty lethargic.  He just gazes up at you with questions in his eyes, a sad expression on his face.  Poor baby.  I just want to make it all better.

The plan for Kimble today was to get his chest tubes out, however, with his extreme puffiness this morning, combined with his lack of desire to eat, suggests to his doctors that his liver has some effusion around it, which is pressing on his stomach, which makes him feel like he is full.  So today should be pretty quiet around here, with the only two goals for Kimble:  eat and pee.  His blood isn't up to "clotting standard" either, so that's another reason why the chest tubes are staying put for now.

Let's pray that he makes great progress today.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Day 1: Surgery

The morning of Kimble's surgery, we checked in at the hospital at 7am.  Kimble's last meal was at 4:30am.  The walk to the elevator, up three floors, then over to the cardiac pre-op...I felt like I was in a heavy fog.  My heart was heavy.  I wanted to run away with Kimble, and never look back.

We got all checked in, and I changed Mr. Kimble into a hospital gown again.  After that, we sat and waited.  His surgery wasn't scheduled until 9am.  We had some time to wait.  Kimble took a little nap.  As I was sitting him across my legs, holding his arms snuggled against him and patting his bum (his favorite way to fall to sleep) I was very emotional.  I felt like I was getting ready to be in a fatal car crash.  I could see it coming, but I had no power to get out of the way.
As I sat and held my sweet sleeping baby, I really thought that this would be the last time I would feel his chest rise and fall against me.  I wanted to savor the moment for as long as possible.  Alas, the time came.  I needed to hand him over to the pre-op nurse.  It was terrible.  Both Heath and I were crying.  I told Kimble I loved him and to be strong.  Then I watched the nurse walk down the hallway, holding Kimble, until they rounded the corner and were gone.

We received many updates from Esther, the O.R. CICU Surgical Nurse.  Everytime she called, and asked us to meet her so she could give us an update, we always said "Esther, is it good news?  Is he doing ok?"  and she always replied "Yes!".

As I mentioned in the previous posts, Kimble's surgery didn't get to "experimental".  Once Dr.  Campbell looked at his heart, and saw the tricuspid valve, he knew that there wasn't anything he could do surgically, to make it function better.  So, testing the heart by closing the ASD (hole between the atriums) and his shunt, to force ALL his bloodflow through the right ventricle, wasn't a possibility.  His right heart couldn't handle that amount of bloodflow, combined with the pressure of pumping for his entire body.

So, they went ahead and did The Glenn, which rerouted the blood that was coming from his head to his chest, and instead of it going to the right heart to get pumped to the lungs to receive oxygen, it now goes directly to the lungs (via the superior vena cava), and then makes it's way back to the left heart to begin it's circulation again.  Upon doing this, his BT shunt was removed, and the ASD was closed.

Now, Kimble still has bloodflow through his right ventricle.  The bottom half of his body's bloodflow still goes to the right heart, and then gets pumped to the lungs.  Kimble's heart can handle that amount of bloodflow, which is basically half the amount that a normal heart would pump.  In fact, Kimble's heart is doing so well with this adjustment, that his oxygen saturation is now perfectly normal.  In this next picture, on the monitor, you see the number 100.  That is his oxygen saturation number.  100!  Up until now, he's always hung out between 75-85%.  We are so thrilled.

So, post-op, Kimble did well.  He has three drainage tubes in his chest (two from his lungs, and one in his heart), NG tube, ventilator tube through his nose, as well as many lines for iv fluids, medication, blood pressure monitoring, etc.   He is also pretty swollen from surgery, as you can really see in the picture of his fingers.  If you are at all tender about seeing some of these post-op pictures, I suggest that you stop reading right now.

Here, Dr. Campbell is checking on his patient, along with our post-op nurse C.J.  Also, here is a picture of his central line, in his neck.  Looks uncomfortable, but it was probably the least of Kimble's worries.

Kimble had his ventilator and NG tube removed around 9pm.  He did well after that, except for being fussy because he couldn't be held.  Kimble isn't often out of my arms, so I think he was feeling lonely and was hurting, and just overall not very happy.  Besides feeling that way, he didn't have a bad night.  He took a bottle of breastmilk about 1am, and hungrily gulped it down.  Feeding is a big obstacle, so we were very happy about that.  Even more so, Kimble has refused all bottles since he was a newborn, so the fact that he actually ate from a bottle was huge!

This morning, Kimble got his art line in his wrist, and his central line removed (it was in his neck, so we were very happy about that).  He also got moved to a more private room (instead of an open bay) which makes all the difference to us.  This means he is progressing quickly!  Tonight he'll probably get more of his drainage tubes removed.

Right now, Kimble is sleeping peacefully.  When he wakes up, we should get to hold him, and I'll get to nurse him again.  Should be a great day!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Kimble is in Recovery

We are just waiting until he is situated, in the CICU, but we should be able to go back and be with him in a few minutes.  We are told he is doing great.

As with many heart surgeries, it is the recovery process that can get tricky.  We pray that these next few days will be without struggle.

Thank you so much for praying for us, and for keeping Kimble in your thoughts today.  From what the Doctors tell us, Kimble is really responding well to The Glenn, and his oxygen saturation is now normal!

Surgical Update

After Kimble got all set up, with all his art lines, IVs, and other stuff, Dr. Campbell opened him up and took a look at his tricuspid valve, which is the valve that sends blood from his right atrium (top holding chamber of right heart) to his right ventricle (bottom pumping chamber of right heart).  It's been small and troublesome this whole time.  Anyway, the hope was that this valve possibly just needed some tweaking, and then there would be more bloodflow.  More bloodflow means happy results.

The tricuspid does not have any threads, or fibers, that are attaching it to the right ventricle, which allows for it to contract and release, as blood goes through there.  So, there is nothing to "tweak".  Simply stated, it's a bum valve.  It won't get better.

So, Dr. Campbell is doing The Glenn, which will re-route half his bloodflow (from the top part of his body)directly to the lungs, instead of going to his heart, and going through that tricuspid valve.  The bloodflow from the bottom part of his body will still go through his heart.  We are hoping that his right heart will be able to handle that amount of bloodflow.  Our doctors seem to have high hopes that it will.

That is the latest news right now. We'll see what the remaining time in surgery will do.  This remaing time, will probably be another three hours or so.

Family PhotoShoot

Just heading to the hospital right now, but wanted to share something with you. We had our family pictures taken a week or two ago by Photography by Cristy.  She has a few pictures from our photoshoot up on her blog.  Take a look!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Surgically Confused

Today we went in for all our pre-op stuff at the hospital.  Mr. Kimble cooperated in every way.  He didn't collapse his he only needed one stick.  He got two x-rays, taken on the first shot.  No wiggles meant no repeats!  He even slept through his echocardiogram.  What a good boy.

When it came time to meet with the surgeon, we all listened attentively as he went through what he thought would happen.  Basically, Mr. Kimble continues to confuse all of his doctors.  We were told by our Surgeon that if he crammed the room full of people, (all people involved in his care), that everyone would have a different perspective and solution, for what Kimble needs.  Some think that by removing the shunt and closing the ASD, that he will be fine, and have a four-chamber heart that will function enough to sustain his life.  Others think that by tweaking the tricuspid, he will have more flow into his right ventricle, and it will be enough to help his ventricle to grow.  Others think that re-routing bloodflow is the only solution he has, and therefore are in favor of The Glenn.  Others...well, you get the idea.  So we are going into this surgery anticipating some things to happen, but not knowing for sure what the outcome will be.  Also, they might do one thing, and a few days later, need to do something else.

Our Surgeon, who really has the ultimate power and the final word, believes as I do, that his right ventricle isn't capable of supporting him right now, and that he will need The Glenn.

All will be answered on Monday...or maybe not.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Play By Play

Inspired by my friend Heidi, who occasionally writes posts that detail her every move on a particular day (She is a super mom, by the way), I decided to give you a snippet of my life, narrowed down to one day.  Yesterday, to be precise.

So I kept a little notebook with me, and wrote down things as they happened.  As a stay-at-home mom, there are definitely days where life is slow and carefree.  Then there are days where you have so much to do  that you can't even think about cramming in anything else.  I think yesterday was a nice in-between day.  So if you are interested in how I live my life, or at least, how I lived my life yesterday, then read on.

5:30am:  Wake up to The Husband's alarm, and spend the next 30 minutes alternately sleeping and waking, as he keeps pushing the snooze.

6:30am-7:30am:  Continue my cycle between sleep and awake, by alternately nursing, binkie-ing, and patting Kimble so he will stay asleep.

7:30am:  It's no use.  Kimble is awake, and so am I.  We spend a few minutes gazing at each other, and  sharing some snuggles, then after a diaper change (him) and teeth brushing (me), we go downstairs, but not before I receive a quick phone call from The Husband, which lasted about a minute and ended with "love you too, babes".

7:45am:  We are downstairs.  Kimble plays with toys on the floor and I check email, facebook, and my blog.  My facebook status was about the letter "v" on my keyboard, and how it is an underachiever lately.  It always seems to be stuck and I have to pound on it to get it to type...which led me to talk about the abc series V and how my family and I use to watch the old 80's V series.  "Could your pants be any tighter, Mike Donavan?"

8am:  Breakfast.  I make an egg scramble with onions, ham, red pepper, eggs, and pepperjack cheese.  It is normally fantastic.  Today, not so much.  Anyway, while I'm making that, I take some taco meat out of the freezer in preparation for tonight's dinner, give Kimble his medicine, and marvel that the kids are all still sleeping.
8:20am:  Eating breakfast on the floor next to Kimble, while playing with him and reading two chapters from the scriptures.  Kamy wakes up!  She gives Kimble some love, eats the rest of my eggs, and pours herself a bowl of cereal.  "Thanks for getting us Special K with strawberries, momma!"

8:40am:  Shower.  I shave my legs...because quite frankly, The Husband deserves it.  The kids all wake up.  We spend the next little bit getting everyone fed and chores started.  I finish getting ready.

9:40am:  I'm still encouraging the kids to do their chores.  They don't have a lot, but  they sure do procrastinate doing them.  It's making me upset.  Kolby throws a fit on the floor.  I tell him I'll take away his new shoes if he keeps that up, and he is instantly on his feet again and back on track.  (I just bought everyone new tennis shoes the day before, because all the shoes had worn through.)

9:45am:  I start cleaning the kitchen, loading dishwasher, wiping down counters and sweeping the floor.  Get a phone call from John, my hairstylist.  Hair cut scheduled for tomorrow at 10am!

9:50am:  Get a call from The Husband that goes something like this:  H: "What day is  today?"  S: "Uh, Wednesday."  H:  "Really?  I keep thinking it's Thursday".  S:  "Nope.  Wednesday.  But I'm having the same issue too."  H:  silence.  S:  "Is that all?"  H:  "Yeah."  S:  "You know, this could have easily been verified by the didn't really need to call me for that."  H:  "Yeah, but I thought the computer was wrong."

10am:  We have library books and one movie to return today, so the kids spent a chaotic 20 minutes (while I was feeding the baby) gathering all the books to return...and looking for the elusive movie, which ended up being on the fireplace mantel where we always put borrowed movies.

10:20am:  All the searching under and over things brought about a lot of stuffed clothing, toys, books, and garbage that Kolby tried to hide, instead of clean.  He had until I counted to 100 to get it all picked up.

10:45am:  We are all in the van, heading to the library.  But wait!  It's such a beautiful day, and today is playgroup park day, so we veer off and join friends at the park.  The kids have a blast playing tag with their friends.  Georgie wants to swing the entire time, and I visit with my girlfriends.  It was a beautiful day for the park.
11:55am:  Kids load up.  We are on the way to the Library.  We drop off books and video, but  don't check out anything more.

12:15pm:  We are in a very long line at Chick-fil-A.  The kids have coupons for free kids' meals that they are anxious to use.  We originally planned to "dine-in" but upon driving around, looking for a parking space, I realized that the lack of parking spaces meant lack of available tables to sit we got in the drive-through line, which extended out into the street, it was so long.

12:30pm:  Done with the drive-through, however we aren't passing out food just yet.  One quick stop at the dollar store for toothbrushes, toothpaste, and swimming goggles, then we are back in the car.  On the way out the store door, Keaton holds it open for me. I thank him, and he says "You're welcome.  That's what gentlemen do!"

12:41pm:  We are driving home.  Kids are eating their chicken nuggets and fries in the car.  So am I.  By the time we get home, food is gone.  Yum.

12:50pm:  Check email.  Got picture from my friend Jennifer.  She took this picture a few days before I had Kimble.  A bit blurry, but I love the picture. 
1pm: Feed Kimble.  Exchange a few texts with a friend.

1:10pm:  Kids all gather around, while drinking their lemonade, and I begin our after-lunch tradition of me reading them a book.  This week's choice has been a Clue book I found at Goodwill.  It has little mysteries for them to solve (only lasting a few pages). Kolby says "Who is Mr. Purple again?"  and I say "No, it's Professor Plum!"  I increase my "good mothering points" by having a different voice for each character.  When I get to Mrs. White's voice, Kamy says "Wait...wasn't that Miss Scarlet's voice?"  I clarify that Miss Scarlet's voice is much more sultry, and give an example, which the kids all laugh at. 
1:25pm:  Two mysteries read and solved!  Time for the kids to go outside and play.  I get to work switching out the laundry and starting in on making granola bars (for the kids' drive to Utah) and pancakes (for me to have in the freezer to eat when I'm staying at the hospital).
2:20pm:  Switch laundry.  Play with Kimble.
2:30pm:  Receive a phone call from a dear friend, my old boss from my very first job at the movie theater.

2:45pm:  Kids decide they don't want to play outside anymore.  We all go downstairs to the basement and clean it up.  I take the opportunity to sew a neglected sewing project, with Kimble intermittently on my lap and playing on the floor next to me.  A long strand of ribbon keeps him entertained.

3:20pm:  Package in the mail!  It's a knitted hat from my sister Shavonne.  She sent it for Kimble to have in the hospital.  If you remember, she also knitted the adorable green hat he wore when he was first born, during his 5 weeks in the hospital.  She wanted him to have another hat.  Adorable!
3:40pm: Done with basement and sewing.  Switch laundry and fold clean clothes.  Wrap up pancakes to freeze.  Put granola bars in fridge to chill.  Kids play the Wii.  I feed Kimble and put him to sleep.  Kamy, as well as all the kids, play with their swimming goggles.
4:15pm:  I put Kimble down. He's fast asleep.  I could have put him down twenty minutes before, but instead I sat and held his cuddly body against mine.  So sweet.

4:20pm:  Get the mail.  We got two netflix movies for the kids "The Princess and the Frog" and "Aquamarine".  Kamy, who is entranced with becoming a mermaid, wants to watch Aquamarine.  After a quick pickup of the kitchen, family room, and tv room, the kids are all sitting quietly, watching the movie.

4:30pm:  I check email, facebook, and my blog again.  Facebook status touched on the fact that my bedroom is very very messy and I need to clean it!

4:37pm:  Everyone is content.  Kimble is still sleeping.  I begin reading "The 2nd Short Life of Bree Tanner", which is a minibook by Stephanie Meyer, about one of the newborn vampires in Eclipse.  You can find it online HERE

5pm:  The Husband gets home.  I stop reading and go over to the couch where I feed Kimble again, and talk with The Husband about his day.

5:30pm:  The Husband changes and goes on a bike ride.  I begin dinner. 

5:50pm:  Dinner time!  Chicken Soft Tacos never tasted so good.  Yum!

6:03pm:  Georgie, who is confident that she has a baby in her tummy, asks me "Momma, what is my baby's name?"  I tell her that it's her baby and she gets to name her.  Her only reply is "Oh!!...well, it's a girl baby."

6:20pm:  Phone call to Shavonne, thanking her for the hat!  We chat for a little bit.

6:30pm:  I bribe the kids to help me clean my bedroom, since probably half of the mess in my room are things that belong to them.  We get it mostly clean, but there are still piles of clothes for me to hang up.  I'll get to it later.  While cleaning, I re-discover a little knit hat and booties that Heath's mom made for Kimble.  I put the hat on him.  Fits perfect!
7pm:  I put the boys in one shower, the girls in another, and I sit down to watch So You Think You Can Dance.  Kimble watches with me.  So does The Husband.

7:15pm:  The kids are done with showers.  They join us on the floor in our room, and watch the show.  I spend the next hour and a half alternating between feeding and playing with Kimble.  The kids get a handful of jelly bellies as a reward for helping me clean my bedroom.  Georgie is still wearing her goggles.
9pm:  Much later than their normal bedtime, I send the kids to bed.  Kimble is asleep.  I go downstairs and clean the kitchen, start the dishwasher, and switch the laundry. 

9:30pm:  On my way back upstairs, I discover a problem with the toilet in the kids' bathroom.  I declare myself officially "off duty", tell The Husband to deal with it, and I go to bed.  I'm asleep by 10pm.