Friday, June 4, 2010

7 Months Oldd!

My sweet Kimble is 7 months old today!  He continues to delight me to no end.  We are joined at the hip.  It's not often that we are without each other, and that is exactly the way we want things to be.

Kimble continues to shun all baby food, except for crackers and puff cereal.  He is getting very interested in my dinner plate, and the process of bringing food to my mouth.  He tries to grab my fork all the time.  Sometimes, I'll swipe a bit of food in his mouth with my finger, and he doesn't seem to mind that.  Maybe it's a spoon aversion that he has.  Nevertheless, food is on the back burner.  He'll eat eventually.  He still nurses all the time, and he's gaining weight (16 lbs) so I'm not worried at all.

He continues to love to suck on his fingers, and has even made-up with his long time buddy, the binkie.  He likes to suck on it when he wants to go to sleep, but doesn't really use it when he's awake anymore.  He is content to lie on his back and play with whatever toys I put within his reach.  If they happen to roll away, he'll make a tiny effort to reach for them, by turning his upper body to his side, but any further, and he gives up and stares at the ceiling.  In other words, he won't roll over yet.  He won't sit up on his own.  But he's super content to be as he is.  Once again, he'll get it, eventually.

He loves to be swaddled to sleep, on his side, and patted vigorously on his bum.  He likes to sleep snuggled against me, and if I move away, his mommy radar kicks in and he wakes up almost instantly.  This makes it tricky for me to use his nap times to get things done, but I still have tricks up my sleeve.  Sometimes they work.  Sometimes they don't.  We roll with it.  However,  his carseat still works miracles when I need him to sleep.  He loves his carseat and ALWAYS sleeps in it when I'm running errands, or traveling back and forth to Denver.  It's wonderful.

He is still very partial to his mommy, but he'll be content for a little while, if one of the kids is holding him, or if he's in his Daddy's arms.  We all adore Kimble.

Today, for his seven month birthday, he gets to go on a plane ride!   Kimble and I are flying up to Washington this morning, to celebrate with my family, my baby sister's high school graduation, and my baby brother's wedding.  We'll be back on Sunday, so it's a very short trip, but full of fun!  See ya in a few days.


runningfan said...

Enjoy your trip!

dippyrooroo said...

If yo were gong to be in WA any longer I would make a trip up to see you, but it sounds like you days will be full! Have fun with your family! I know it's always a party when the Webers get together! =)

purejoy said...

happy birthday, baby kimble!!
i love that he's such a happy and content baby. and it's nice to have a kid that'll stay put where you put him. walking and running will come soon enough.
he sounds like such a peaceful baby. what a blessing. i hope he's as peaceful as usual on the plane! have fun with the fam, and congrats for those huge milestones!
(are you the oldest in your family?)

The Mitchells said...

Enjoy your weekend with family! BTW I am making your granola bars for our camping trip. I am excited to try them, they sound delicious!

Heath said...

Happy Birthday my little Son. I love you.

Colleen said...

I hope your trip was fun! Kimble is such a sweet boy. Zach was similar in his eating habits. He didn't really "start" solids until he could just have soft chunks. Never cared at all for the pureed stuff. Glad he's back on the binky for sleep too! It makes things so much easier!