Monday, June 7, 2010

Family Pictures

I was in charge of making sure my parents had a family picture, of all the people in attendance, for our side of the family.  After the graduation, and before the wedding, I sought out each family and made sure to get a picture of them.  Here we are, all Weber kids (minus Courtney and her family, as well as the rest of my kids and Heath) in order from Oldest to Youngest.  First up, my brother Warren, his wife Autumn, and their five kids (almost six).

Next is my brother Jamie, his wife Melissa, and their four boys.

Then we have Kim, her husband Jason, and their five kids, followed by me and Kimble.

Shavonne and her husband Derek, are next.
In order, here is where Courtney should go, but her family couldn't make it.  So we skip to Rebekah and her two girls, and then Sharon with her husband Darick and their two kids.
Because Ian and Karissa were getting their own wedding pictures during this time, I didn't ever get a "couple" shot of them. Maybe one of my siblings did.  In any case, Here is my brother Ian, and his wife Karissa.
Last, but not least, is the baby sister, Nancy.  My parents will officially be empty-nesters in a few weeks, when she goes to college.  They are going to miss her terribly.  She's been their third wheel for almost 5 years.
Those are the members of my family!!  I love my family so much.  They are the greatest.  We have the best time when we are together.  I wish I could have stayed longer.  Anyway, next!


Jen Sue Wild said...

I love all these pictuers of your fun trip with your family I hope we are that close after my children grow up..
On a side note Madeline looked at the pictuer of your mom and asked why she was wearing a wig. I said that was here real hair. She said oh she looks too young to have gery hair..

Megan said...

cute family pictures. I hate when I get together with family members and never get around to taking pictures with them. You did a good job getting everyone's pictures (minus your bro and his beautiful new wife).

LollyChops said...

What a giant family you have! They are so beautiful and sweet with all the kiddos!

I cannot wait for the wedding pics! I looove wedding pics!

courtney said...

Thanks Shaina!

Mags said...

Haha, I love that you got a great shot of Ian's bride and then a goofy one of him.

Burns Family said...

I love your family! They have such beautiful families of their own. Looking forward to the next trip you make, hoping we can see each other then.

Colleen said...

Good lookin' bunch you are! It sounds like it was such a great trip, but too short, as visits with family always are.

Maynards said...

What a great idea. That was fun to see your family.