Sunday, June 13, 2010

First Week of Summer Break!

This last week was our first week of Summer Break.  The kids had a blast with their "freedom" from school.  Mr. Kimble loved having the kids home all day.  They were a constant source of activity for him to watch.  Kimble has also developed an intense love for his binkie.  I am thrilled.  He wants his binkie ALL the time now, and can even cleverly put it back in his mouth, after it has fallen out.
Kolby is having a great time playing outside with sticks and light sabers.  He loves to climb trees now, and we have plenty in our backyard to satisfy his boyhood desires.  However, sometimes he surprises me.  One evening, he presented me with this little note.  So sweet.  He is also doing a great job during his reading time.  It's not full of fits and tears anymore.  I think we are making progress...finally!

The husband enjoys his evenings at home with us, and is usually found giving Mr. Kimble some love and attention.

Kamy likes to read to Georgie.  One evening, I found them reading before bedtime.  Kamy was in her long pink nightgown that she got for her birthday, and Georgie chose to wear last year's swimsuit.

One afternoon, the kids turned on the piano's automatic music player, and they danced around the room, doing the Irish Jig.  Kolby even went and put on a skirt, so he would match his sisters.

Keaton spent three funfilled days at the Air Force Academy, participating in a cubscout day camp.  He had a blast!  I don't have any pictures of the event, because I didn't volunteer, and during the family closing ceremonies, my camera was out of battery juice.  Anyway, he really was thrilled this week, to have that.  In the evenings, he enjoyed reading from his Magic Treehouse books, and taking a shower every night!

The other kids saw their fair share of the shower as well, this week.  Playing outside all day brings many a dirty feet inside.

However, one day,the kids all got an early shower.  It was pouring down rain on afternoon, and all the kids went out to play in it.  I stood under the garage and took pictures.   Here are Kolby and Keaton, playing in the cul-de-sac.  Kolby is wearing Kamy's yellow  jacket.

Hooray for playing in the rain!  They were all soaked by the time they came inside...but it started hailing, mixed with lightning, so it was time to be inside.

That was pretty much our week around here. 


Taylor and Kristin Williams said...

So cute! Glad you guys are all having fun!

runningfan said...

That last picture is awesome! I'm glad it was a happy week at your house!

Jed and Kera said...

so cute! :O) I liked the dancing picture....I think it's cute that Kimble is just hanging out in the background content as can be!

Colleen said...

Summer is awesome.

Pam said...

A week filled with wonderful memories. Makes me hope it rains this week.

kdaygirl said...

Ok so Georgie is cracking me up with her outfits....she is her own person that is for sure!

Cant wait to see all the kiddos!