Monday, June 7, 2010


My baby sister Nancy graduated High School on Saturday!  It was a great celebration for our family.  All 10 of us kids graduated from Newport High School, over the last 18 years, as well as two of our spouses.  It was a lot of fun to go back and see some of the teachers that have influenced our lives.

The Weber Family had a huge cheering section in the bleachers.  You would have thought we were at a basketball game, for how much we cheered.   What a spectacle we were.  Even if by some long shot, someone didn't know who the Webers were when the graduation started, they sure knew by the end!  However, my mom and dad and my sister-in-law Autumn (who is very pregnant) did not sit with us in the bleachers. They sat down on some chairs in the reserved-for-Grandparents section.  My dad did not want to sit there, but he did anyway.  "I'm not a Grandparent of a graduate!" he kept saying.  We all chuckled.   During the ceremony, my sister Kim snapped this photo of my dad.  We thought the sign, teamed with his demeanor, was hilarious.

Looking from across the gym with my not-so-20/20 eyesight, I thought the sign said "Grandparents of Handicapped Society".  Even more funny.

Anyway, to kill time, we took lots of self-portraits.  They are my favorite types of pictures to take.  First up, me and my sister Rebekah.  We call her Bex.  We also call her Bk Bk Bk Bk Bekah!!  (Think of a sound a chicken makes)

Next up, me and Shavonne.  She is the sister just younger than me.  I love this picture so much.  Don't we look fabulous?  Self portraits are great!

Well, that is, self-portraits are wonderful if you make sure you are not zoomed in with your lens!  Kim and I kept taking extreme closeups on accident.  Good thing my teeth were clean!

Another zoomed-in closeup of me and my Bff Kim. 

Ahh...this time we got it right.

After the graduation, we took a picture of all of us that attended.  Nancy had a good little cheering section going on!

Here is a picture with just Nancy and our siblings.  Only  one sister is missing.  Courtney just had her fourth baby and just didn't feel like she could introduce her to the public so soon.  We missed you Corks!

Then we headed to the church, where we were finishing up some things for the wedding and reception.  But first, we had to feed everyone lunch.  Here is how you feed a bunch of grandkids...Weber style.
After lunch, I had some time to meet up with some friends!  Doug and Sheilah Miller grew up with Heath, Doug being Heath's best friend.  It was so great of them to come out to see me and Mr. Kimble, especially since their own sweet baby Peter was just a few weeks old.

Then....we got ready for the wedding.  More to come.


Colleen said...

What an incredibly fun family you have!

Nancy said...

It was a great weekend!