Monday, June 7, 2010


This weekend was full of a lot of people loving on Mr. Kimble.  First up, my parents showered Kimble with love and affection, who is one of 28 (if my count is correct) grandchildren.

Kimble got to meet Heath's side of the family as well.  Heath's mom, brother and sister live up there as well, and we met up for breakfast before I hopped on the plane to come home. 

Besides my parents, and Heath's mom, we have more grandparents up in Washington as well!  Oma and Pappy Buchanan have adopted us as one of their own clan.  Ron was Heath's Bishop growing up, so they are very dear to us.

 I was thrilled to introduce Kimble to all of his Grandparents.  It was certainly a special time for each of them, as they got to meet our sweet miracle baby boy!

Lots more pictures and details to come, about my quick trip home to Washington.

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