Thursday, June 10, 2010

Kamy's School Journal

Kamy had a 4th Grade Memory Book.  In the front, there was a dedication page.

Then she wrote about herself:  "Kamyren is 10 years old and lives in Colorado and likes to think about her life.  She was born in Washington.  Kamyren loves to read, draw, watch T.V. and play outside.  She says to grow up in a good life and do good things.

Kamy loved her teacher, Mrs. White.  One page of her book was written about her.  She wrote: "This year was great because Mrs. White was the best part of the year.   It's because she was nice and kind to me.  Mrs. White is also friendly and understandable. She is understandable with my problems and with Kimble.  Mrs. White is also enjoyable and like my mom, she is also fantastic with me and likes to be around me.  Mrs. White likes to be around me ever since I told her my mom was having a baby. Plus, she is fun and is always happy when I tell her something exciting about Kimble, like if Kimble can almost stand. That's what made me have a great year."

She wrote:  "I'll never forget when my baby brother Kimble almost died.  It was by Thanksgiving and we were eating dinner with my Grandma (not with mom and dad).  It was a great dinner. We had turkey and potatoes and stuffing.  Then we watched a movie "Pirates on the Caribbean" and then we went to sleep.  In the morning, we went to Denver. Once we were there, we ran to mom and dad.  Then we sat at a table and told us about it.  Then we said "Thanksgiving wasn't a good time".
"Been there! Done that!"  Done with CSAP!  Done with it!  Math in the CSAP was hard.  My hands were shaking.  I was scared and nervous. I was sort of ok.  Well, maybe I wasn't.  I was queasy inside and I could not relax.  But in reading and writing it was ok.  It's just I was anxious.  It wasn't so bad, but I didn't think I was so good.  I didn't think I would go to fifth grade. I was scared.  Been there, done that. I'm over with it.  Done!
Kamy drew what she wanted her place to look like when she grew up.  I love all her little details, from making sure she has a bookshelf in her room, to the framed pictures of her and Keaton on the wall in her living room. She also must have a dog in her future named Sam, according to the food dishes on the floor and the bone on the rug.

I love that she wrote a poem about me.

"I Am" Poem: 
 I am a marvelous drawer and colorer. 
I understand about fairies.
I hear an African Drum.  I see a princess in a castle.
I want a lot of chocolate.
I am a marvelous drawer and colorer.

I pretend I am a bird.  I feel the saltwater in my face.
I touch the clouds.
I worry about my baby brother.
I cry when others are hurt.
I am a marvelous drawer and colorer.

I understand reading.
I say that God is true.
I dream about mermaids
I  try to help my mom.
I hope there will be harmony.
I am a marvelous drawer and colorer.

"Bio" Poem
Kind Generous Enthusiastic Loving
Relative of Joseph Smith
I Love my family
I feel God touching me
I fear very little
Who gives care and love
who would like no war
Resident of Colorado

I love it that my sweet Kamy is so secure in her knowledge of God, that she is loved, and that she thinks so often of her family, and especially her baby brother.  She carries a lot of weight on her shoulders.  She is such a fabulous girl.  I am very proud of her and how hard she works and how she tries to always think of others.


Heath said...

Dad loves you Kamy so much and you are so grown up. And you do such a good job helping Mom. You really are a good drawer and colorer, and your pictures are always very good. We love you sweet girl.

runningfan said...

What a tender soul!


What a sweet girl! Looks like she is following in moms creative footsteps.

Colleen said...

What a treasure all those reflections are...and that dedication! Oh, it melts my heart!

dippyrooroo said...

I remember Kamy as a baby and the way she just took the whole world in with those big eyes and big smile! Now that she's such a great writer we get to see what it is she's been taking in all these years! I can also tell she's been taking advantage of the great role model of a mother that she was blessed with. What an amazing girl you have!

purejoy said...

what a neat activity to have children to do. i love the affirmation poem, and i would agree… she is a marvelous drawer and colorer.
what a sweet soul and generous heart.