Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Keaton's School Journal Entries

After the kids had their last day of school last week, they left a mess of backpacks, school supplies, notebooks and papers, all over my living room, in their exuberance to get outside to play.  I thought about scooping it all up and hiding it in the closet for a while, but instead, I sat down and went through everything.  I'm so glad I did.  I found some treasures.

In Keaton's school journal, I found some tidbits here and there that made me chuckle.  I love reading what my kids have written down, or drawn.  It's a great window into knowing who they are becoming.

So humor me as I go through and document some of the things I found.  I'll start with Keaton. He just finished 2nd grade.  I'll preserve his spelling errors.

First Entry:  On my veycashen brak (vacation break), I went to meny partys.  I whent to Woshingten State where I was born.  Thankyou for thees nootbooks.  (We didn't go to Washington, but it's great that he knows where he was born.)

In 2009, my mom had a baby.  His name is Kimble.  I got to hold him maby 20 times.

In 2010, I thingk that sentpeds (centipedes) can be 20 feet long.  There is a lot that hasn't bin discuvrd yet.

I can run super-doper fast.  I am a great kik-ofer (kick-offer) at socre (soccer).  I am a smart kid.  I am proud of myself about how fast I can run.

Prompt Question:  Why should people stay drug free?  Keaton's Reply: If you eat drugs, you will die right when you take it!

I like the movie Up because there is a floding (floating) house and a crasy bird and a kind of wildrnis.
If I won a free trip, I would go to Disnyland. It would be osum (awesome).  I wood ride on ralrcostrs.

I wouldn't have camoflage.  I would circle around the predrs (preditor's) head.  The predr could not catch me, so it would run away.

A sabrtooth tigr is rothles.  (A sabertooth tiger is ruthless.)  A cat is harmless.  Tigers are indanger.  We haf to stop killing tigers.  They may seam scary but they are scard (scared) to us as much as we are scard to them.  There habatats are being distrouyd.

Sharks are ancient animals. They have been around for 400 million years.  Sharks are more ancient than dinosaurs.  Some sharks are ruthless.  The megamouth shark is immense but harmless, as Scientists have researched.

I like my 4th grayd sis Kamyren to read to me because she is a good sister and I lik her.

If I had a job, it would be very hard wrke (work). I mite hafe to cut the wete (wheat) all by my self.  Maby 101 fields of wete (wheat).  I would be exhausted omos (almost) evry day.  It would be a lat (lot) lat lat lat lat lat lat lat lat lat of work.  Evry day I would be awordid (awarded) for my work.

The best joke I ever heard:  How do you greet a three headed monster?  Helo. Helo. Helo
Needs and wants:  I need dog food.  I need water.  We need shelter.  We need to keep worm (warm).   I want to be treaded (treated) nicely.  And I want a realy realy realy cool bed.

Wen I went to Dinyland, it was the greadest time in my Life!  We went on rolrcosters and I had lots of fun.  We even went on a dinosor rolercoaster and at the end of it we went throo a freecy (freaky) giant mouth.  It was osum (awesome)!  Oo, I almost frgot.  We even got to be in a hotel.  it.was.cool.

If I were elected President, I would change school rules so that school will be only 1 minet.  If I were a magic chalkboard, my message would be that I will cancl evry school in the whirld (world) and ther will be no school forevr.

(My dad tickles me.  It tickles.  I like my mom and dad.  They are really fun.)
Writing Prompt:  Describe the problems you would have if you never cut your hair for your entire life: I would be so shagy, I could not see.  People would call me the hary monster.

Finish this story:  If I could ride on a bird....It would be the most best thing that has hapned to me, ever.

Describe a place you would visit if you had a time machine:  I would go so far in the past.  Way befor the dinosors.  I would bring all the stuf that I need.  I would hafte to go therou (through) a lot of traininge to go on the mishin (machine).  And I will be in a car time musheyn (machine).

If you were a car, what would you be?  I would say "no one rides me. I'm a mustang!"

"I don't know what the future will be, but all I no is that I will be rich.


Jed and Kera said...

hehe so cute! :O)

kdaygirl said...

Happy Birthday my Sista! I love you and missed you when you left early...wish you could have stayed longer~
Bro Perry missed you too!

Colleen said...

I love that Keaton!

Sara said...

That was so much fun to read through - he is a great kid :)

purejoy said...

i love a window into a child's soul. he's so creative and thoughtful! i love how he draws his glasses.