Sunday, June 13, 2010

Kolby's School Journal

Not to be forgotten, Kolby had a few treasures he brought home at the end of the school year.  These few pictures and sentences may not seem like much.  I know many other 1st graders, and even Kindergartners, who are much more focused with their reading, writing, and other schoolwork.  However, Kolby has always dismissed schoolwork with a casual shrug and indifference.  It's been a major struggle with him to even write down anything, color anything, or read from a book (with me pointing to each word... and struggling our way to the end of the page).

Part of the issue is that he is young compared to his classmates.  He just barely made the cutoff, with his birthday, and was able to start school instead of waiting another year.  He is also a boy.  A boy who very much wants to run and play and make sound effects and climb trees and watch Star Wars.  He does not want anything to do with paper, pencils, books, or flashcards.  It is for this reason, as well as how little progress he made this year in school, that I am having him repeat first grade next year.  This is not a decision that was spur of the moment.  It's been a reoccurring conversation with Kolby's teacher, since the beginning of the year.  I knew he wasn't ready to be in first grade; he didn't receive the instruction he needed when he was in Kindergarten.  So I weighed the possibilities, and knew that repeating first grade would be more beneficial to him than repeating Kindergarten.

So here we are, at the end of his first grade year.  He has made a lot of progress, and according to his teacher, he now tests at a "first semester of first grade" level.  That is great.  He will start first grade again, being on top of his class.  This will give him great confidence.  Kolby excels in praise.  I expect really big advancements for him.

So here is a picture I found in his school journal.  I was thrilled that he actually drew a picture, used multiple colors, AND wrote a sentence!  Go Kolby!

Kolby also wrote a letter to his dad:  "Dear Dad.  I like to be special because I listen to you."

He wrote about bugs:  "A centipede can kill you.  It is poisonous.  My centipede is nice. We find a bug together.  I like my bug."  This was written in May.  What progress he made!

Also written in May, he wrote about his goals: "When I grow up, I would like to be a Astrnot (Astronaut).  I can float a round.  The food floats.  I try eating floating food."

Also, this next picture, which he drew, pretty much sums up Kolby's passions.

"The Jet eye can help you"  He loves his Jedi's and his light sabers.


Maynards said...

I love the pictures and the writing. You are such an in-tune mother. You know just what he needs. He will do great next year and probably learn to love school more.

runningfan said...

May the force be with Kolby next year!

Jed and Kera said...

We are Start Wars people here too. :O) I'm sure Dalton will be drawing many similar pictures when he is older! :O)

Colleen said...

Good for you and his teacher for knowing what Kolby needs! A year of feeling confident will be so great for his life-long learning process! I love the "Jet eye." Kidspell is so cool!