Friday, June 4, 2010

Love Is In The Air

I just want to say Happy Anniversary to my dear Husband.  We celebrate 11 years of marriage  today.  We've grown closer through the years.  We understand each other more.  We laugh and giggle at night, when we are at our most clever.  We enjoy watching shows together, like The Bachelor (Heath's favorite) and So You Think You Can Dance.  I tease Heath that he isn't a true LOST fan, but we watched that show together as well.  I'd love to run The Amazing Race with him, but he claims that he would have a better time doing it with his friend Doug, as they are less likely to argue about directions.  He's probably right.

Heath hates it when I constantly take pictures of him.
Heath loves it when I make meatloaf and spaghetti.

Heath hates it when I decline to hike a mountain with him.
Heath loves it when I fold his dress pants nicely.

Heath hates it when I leave my hairdryer on the bathroom counter.
Heath loves to use my hair products.

Heath hates it when I throw diapers at the trash can, but miss, and leave them there for him to pick up.
Heath loves picking up the diapers.  I just know he does.

I love my husband very much.  Thanks, babe, for 11 delightful years!


Jed and Kera said...

Happy Anniversary! I hope it's a day filled with love and memories! :O)

JaneV said...

Happy Anniversary!

Bek Bek Bek Bekah said...

Happy 11 years!!! I am so glad that heath is a part of our family. He is a great brother in law. I am so happy that you are happy. I also love my neices and nephews that you and heath have give me over the years.

runningfan said...

Happy anniversary!! 11 is a big number. :) we celebrate 12 next week. Will you be in WA for your birthday?

purejoy said...

hahahaha about throwing diapers!! (i just know heath loves to pick those up) hahahaha.
he likes the bachelor???
what in this world??

i watch it, but there's a tremendous amount of self loathing involved! :-)

Heath said...

I love you Shaina, you are perfect for me. But lets clear things up a bit, the Bachelor is definitely not true I really hate that show and I think it makes me angry if I watch it. I don't mind So You Think You Can Dance there are a lot of good dancers on there and some good music too, very inspiring. Sometimes LOST was a letdown but I still loved the show and the characters. I love you Shaina but I am sure we would argue over directions more than I would with Doug, and its painful enough watching couples reach critical mass then melt down on TV I am positive I would not want to live that personally and have it filmed, sorry Babes. You always want me to smile for pictures, sometimes I don't want to smile, I'm not in a bad mood just not a smiling mood I guess. I love your meatloaf and spaghetti. I don't think there is a man alive that loves a hair dryer-irons-brushes with hairs on them, on the counter, sorry Babes. I have been known to try some hairspray or pomade, but I don't understand why there is collection of them just sitting around. Maybe its like food storage. I rally hate picking up dirty diapers around the trash and I hate stepping on them in the night even more. Oh well at least I don't have to change them in the middle of the night. I love you very much too my dear.