Sunday, June 6, 2010

Newspaper Article and more blankets!

While I was away, there was a wonderful article written in our local paper, about Mr. Kimble and his two cardiac friends.  We are trying to spread the news locally, about our blanket drive.  If you would like to read the article, follow this link, then click on "this week's Woodmen edition".

We have five months to gather these blankets.  Between Teresa, Julie, and myself, we have collected 90 blankets so far!   My last batch of donated blankets came from my sweet friend Heidi.  She's juggling so much right now, and It was so great of her to take the time to make four soft flannel baby blankets.  Thanks everyone, for being part of this wonderful opportunity to serve.


Colleen said...

How cool! 90 blankets is an amazing start, Shaina. What a gift you all are giving the hospital that gave you so much. I love the pay it forward blankets will come before the deadline, I promise!

runningfan said...

glad to help. :)

Team Sax said...

This is awesome! I've spread the word among the alumna sorority circles here and I'm hoping that we get a good many to send out.

Also, Erik and I have begun our adventure of living for the next 24 days on $150 (an experiment we're trying)...and your cookbook has a starring role in our mealtimes :)