Thursday, June 17, 2010

Play By Play

Inspired by my friend Heidi, who occasionally writes posts that detail her every move on a particular day (She is a super mom, by the way), I decided to give you a snippet of my life, narrowed down to one day.  Yesterday, to be precise.

So I kept a little notebook with me, and wrote down things as they happened.  As a stay-at-home mom, there are definitely days where life is slow and carefree.  Then there are days where you have so much to do  that you can't even think about cramming in anything else.  I think yesterday was a nice in-between day.  So if you are interested in how I live my life, or at least, how I lived my life yesterday, then read on.

5:30am:  Wake up to The Husband's alarm, and spend the next 30 minutes alternately sleeping and waking, as he keeps pushing the snooze.

6:30am-7:30am:  Continue my cycle between sleep and awake, by alternately nursing, binkie-ing, and patting Kimble so he will stay asleep.

7:30am:  It's no use.  Kimble is awake, and so am I.  We spend a few minutes gazing at each other, and  sharing some snuggles, then after a diaper change (him) and teeth brushing (me), we go downstairs, but not before I receive a quick phone call from The Husband, which lasted about a minute and ended with "love you too, babes".

7:45am:  We are downstairs.  Kimble plays with toys on the floor and I check email, facebook, and my blog.  My facebook status was about the letter "v" on my keyboard, and how it is an underachiever lately.  It always seems to be stuck and I have to pound on it to get it to type...which led me to talk about the abc series V and how my family and I use to watch the old 80's V series.  "Could your pants be any tighter, Mike Donavan?"

8am:  Breakfast.  I make an egg scramble with onions, ham, red pepper, eggs, and pepperjack cheese.  It is normally fantastic.  Today, not so much.  Anyway, while I'm making that, I take some taco meat out of the freezer in preparation for tonight's dinner, give Kimble his medicine, and marvel that the kids are all still sleeping.
8:20am:  Eating breakfast on the floor next to Kimble, while playing with him and reading two chapters from the scriptures.  Kamy wakes up!  She gives Kimble some love, eats the rest of my eggs, and pours herself a bowl of cereal.  "Thanks for getting us Special K with strawberries, momma!"

8:40am:  Shower.  I shave my legs...because quite frankly, The Husband deserves it.  The kids all wake up.  We spend the next little bit getting everyone fed and chores started.  I finish getting ready.

9:40am:  I'm still encouraging the kids to do their chores.  They don't have a lot, but  they sure do procrastinate doing them.  It's making me upset.  Kolby throws a fit on the floor.  I tell him I'll take away his new shoes if he keeps that up, and he is instantly on his feet again and back on track.  (I just bought everyone new tennis shoes the day before, because all the shoes had worn through.)

9:45am:  I start cleaning the kitchen, loading dishwasher, wiping down counters and sweeping the floor.  Get a phone call from John, my hairstylist.  Hair cut scheduled for tomorrow at 10am!

9:50am:  Get a call from The Husband that goes something like this:  H: "What day is  today?"  S: "Uh, Wednesday."  H:  "Really?  I keep thinking it's Thursday".  S:  "Nope.  Wednesday.  But I'm having the same issue too."  H:  silence.  S:  "Is that all?"  H:  "Yeah."  S:  "You know, this could have easily been verified by the didn't really need to call me for that."  H:  "Yeah, but I thought the computer was wrong."

10am:  We have library books and one movie to return today, so the kids spent a chaotic 20 minutes (while I was feeding the baby) gathering all the books to return...and looking for the elusive movie, which ended up being on the fireplace mantel where we always put borrowed movies.

10:20am:  All the searching under and over things brought about a lot of stuffed clothing, toys, books, and garbage that Kolby tried to hide, instead of clean.  He had until I counted to 100 to get it all picked up.

10:45am:  We are all in the van, heading to the library.  But wait!  It's such a beautiful day, and today is playgroup park day, so we veer off and join friends at the park.  The kids have a blast playing tag with their friends.  Georgie wants to swing the entire time, and I visit with my girlfriends.  It was a beautiful day for the park.
11:55am:  Kids load up.  We are on the way to the Library.  We drop off books and video, but  don't check out anything more.

12:15pm:  We are in a very long line at Chick-fil-A.  The kids have coupons for free kids' meals that they are anxious to use.  We originally planned to "dine-in" but upon driving around, looking for a parking space, I realized that the lack of parking spaces meant lack of available tables to sit we got in the drive-through line, which extended out into the street, it was so long.

12:30pm:  Done with the drive-through, however we aren't passing out food just yet.  One quick stop at the dollar store for toothbrushes, toothpaste, and swimming goggles, then we are back in the car.  On the way out the store door, Keaton holds it open for me. I thank him, and he says "You're welcome.  That's what gentlemen do!"

12:41pm:  We are driving home.  Kids are eating their chicken nuggets and fries in the car.  So am I.  By the time we get home, food is gone.  Yum.

12:50pm:  Check email.  Got picture from my friend Jennifer.  She took this picture a few days before I had Kimble.  A bit blurry, but I love the picture. 
1pm: Feed Kimble.  Exchange a few texts with a friend.

1:10pm:  Kids all gather around, while drinking their lemonade, and I begin our after-lunch tradition of me reading them a book.  This week's choice has been a Clue book I found at Goodwill.  It has little mysteries for them to solve (only lasting a few pages). Kolby says "Who is Mr. Purple again?"  and I say "No, it's Professor Plum!"  I increase my "good mothering points" by having a different voice for each character.  When I get to Mrs. White's voice, Kamy says "Wait...wasn't that Miss Scarlet's voice?"  I clarify that Miss Scarlet's voice is much more sultry, and give an example, which the kids all laugh at. 
1:25pm:  Two mysteries read and solved!  Time for the kids to go outside and play.  I get to work switching out the laundry and starting in on making granola bars (for the kids' drive to Utah) and pancakes (for me to have in the freezer to eat when I'm staying at the hospital).
2:20pm:  Switch laundry.  Play with Kimble.
2:30pm:  Receive a phone call from a dear friend, my old boss from my very first job at the movie theater.

2:45pm:  Kids decide they don't want to play outside anymore.  We all go downstairs to the basement and clean it up.  I take the opportunity to sew a neglected sewing project, with Kimble intermittently on my lap and playing on the floor next to me.  A long strand of ribbon keeps him entertained.

3:20pm:  Package in the mail!  It's a knitted hat from my sister Shavonne.  She sent it for Kimble to have in the hospital.  If you remember, she also knitted the adorable green hat he wore when he was first born, during his 5 weeks in the hospital.  She wanted him to have another hat.  Adorable!
3:40pm: Done with basement and sewing.  Switch laundry and fold clean clothes.  Wrap up pancakes to freeze.  Put granola bars in fridge to chill.  Kids play the Wii.  I feed Kimble and put him to sleep.  Kamy, as well as all the kids, play with their swimming goggles.
4:15pm:  I put Kimble down. He's fast asleep.  I could have put him down twenty minutes before, but instead I sat and held his cuddly body against mine.  So sweet.

4:20pm:  Get the mail.  We got two netflix movies for the kids "The Princess and the Frog" and "Aquamarine".  Kamy, who is entranced with becoming a mermaid, wants to watch Aquamarine.  After a quick pickup of the kitchen, family room, and tv room, the kids are all sitting quietly, watching the movie.

4:30pm:  I check email, facebook, and my blog again.  Facebook status touched on the fact that my bedroom is very very messy and I need to clean it!

4:37pm:  Everyone is content.  Kimble is still sleeping.  I begin reading "The 2nd Short Life of Bree Tanner", which is a minibook by Stephanie Meyer, about one of the newborn vampires in Eclipse.  You can find it online HERE

5pm:  The Husband gets home.  I stop reading and go over to the couch where I feed Kimble again, and talk with The Husband about his day.

5:30pm:  The Husband changes and goes on a bike ride.  I begin dinner. 

5:50pm:  Dinner time!  Chicken Soft Tacos never tasted so good.  Yum!

6:03pm:  Georgie, who is confident that she has a baby in her tummy, asks me "Momma, what is my baby's name?"  I tell her that it's her baby and she gets to name her.  Her only reply is "Oh!!...well, it's a girl baby."

6:20pm:  Phone call to Shavonne, thanking her for the hat!  We chat for a little bit.

6:30pm:  I bribe the kids to help me clean my bedroom, since probably half of the mess in my room are things that belong to them.  We get it mostly clean, but there are still piles of clothes for me to hang up.  I'll get to it later.  While cleaning, I re-discover a little knit hat and booties that Heath's mom made for Kimble.  I put the hat on him.  Fits perfect!
7pm:  I put the boys in one shower, the girls in another, and I sit down to watch So You Think You Can Dance.  Kimble watches with me.  So does The Husband.

7:15pm:  The kids are done with showers.  They join us on the floor in our room, and watch the show.  I spend the next hour and a half alternating between feeding and playing with Kimble.  The kids get a handful of jelly bellies as a reward for helping me clean my bedroom.  Georgie is still wearing her goggles.
9pm:  Much later than their normal bedtime, I send the kids to bed.  Kimble is asleep.  I go downstairs and clean the kitchen, start the dishwasher, and switch the laundry. 

9:30pm:  On my way back upstairs, I discover a problem with the toilet in the kids' bathroom.  I declare myself officially "off duty", tell The Husband to deal with it, and I go to bed.  I'm asleep by 10pm.


The Mitchells said...

What a great day! Full of surprises, wonderful mommy work and humor. Very fun to read!

courtney said...

That is a pretty good day I would say! I don't think I will post a day of my life right now because i would look incredibly lazy. Still tired all the time but at least the dishes and the laundry get done. The clothes my not get folded for a little bit, but at least our clothes are clean. :)

WE are definitely thinking about you guys and will have Kimble in our prayers for sure!

Sharon said...

pretty sweet day! hope today is great too!

runningfan said...

I love it! This is a great glimpse into your life! Did you know blogger will email blog comments to you so you don't have to stalk your own blog?

Jen Sue Wild said...

This was a great fun to read..
It's really amazeing what you really do in one day when you write it all down..
There was a challenge on a scrapbook site to do this for a week. i love reading everyone who took the challenge post.

Nicki said...

I loved reading about your day. Sure miss you and am thinking about you and how much your days will be changing next week! Lots of love coming your way!

Shavonne said...

Nice to know what you're up to! Keeping busy, like I knew you would. Gald you got some things done in preparation for next week. And Kimble looks great in both his hats!

Ande said...

who says moms that stay at home don't get anything done. Makes me tired just reading it, but I know I have busy days too. Sounds like you have a great schedule already!! I am on day one of Summer Vacation, had pics taken and went to the beach, now it is time for a movie and relaxation.

Maynards said...

Thanks for the glimpse into the life of Shaina. You are such a great mom. Your family is very lucky to have you.

purejoy said...

i'm off to bed too!! that exhausted me!! but what a fun day.

is there a time of day that the chick fil a is NOT horribly busy?? seriously, i ♥ me some chick fil a!!

Colleen said...

I always love these types of posts! Isn't life great? Kimble looks so cute in his hats. And I think I'm going to have to hear the difference between Mrs. Scarlet and Mrs. White. :)