Thursday, June 24, 2010

Post-Op Day 2

Well, yesterday started off in kinda a bum way.  After Heath and I showered, and came back to the room, we saw that Kimble did not look good.  Surgically, he was fine, but he was simply lying there, with a blank stare on his face, completely detached from any responsiveness.   In conjunction with that, he was extremely swollen from fluid retention.  Not only that, he didn't have an appetite.  All of these things made me worry.

So we talked with our Attending, Dr. Shannon Buckvold.  We actually had her as our attending the last week we were in the hospital in December, so it was nice to have her around again.  Also, Jesse, the Fellow doctor, is here with us too.  Jesse saved Kimble's life multiple times, the night after his first heart surgery.  So, it was nice to have familiarity with us this time.  They know Kimble.  They know us.  It makes it so much easier to trust what they say.

Ok, so back to talking with Dr. Buckvold.  After some conversation about what Kimble was doing and how he was reacting to things, she suggested that his overabundance in fluid retention, combined with effusion (swelling) around the liver, pressed on his stomach and made him feel full. This reaction is similar to what they see in patients with the Fontan procedure, which is the next stage surgery after the Glenn, where the bottom half of the body's bloodflow is rerouted directly to the lungs.

Because Dr. Campbell closed off the ASD (the hole between the two atriums of the heart), this could have made Kimble's recovery very rocky.  Instead, Dr. Campbell had ultimate wisdom in Kimble's case, and it's been positive for Kimble.  However, they now need to get rid off all the swelling before they can take the next step, which is to remove his chest tubes, his RA line (a pressure monitor directly in his right atrium) and his central line in his groin.

Another reason for the delay in removing everything, was that they needed his blood to be clotting.  Even with his blood transfusions, he still has too thin of blood for them to remove the tubes and lines.  It's imperative that it clots.  A bleed from the heart is very very bad.

Anyway, seeing Kimble totally detached and unresponsive in the morning, it was very troubling.  However, we started him on a double double dose of diuretics, as well as some plasma to boost his blood, and an extra day of resting, recovering, and eating.

I held Kimble many times through the day.  He loves to be held. 

He even started grabbing at stuff again, like my clothes, his clothes, his blanket, and my hand.  He also got his voice back, and was full of babbles and sounds.  (When they intubate, the tube goes directly through the voicebox, so it takes a while for their voice to come back, as well as for their throat to stop hurting enough to want to be vocal again.)

Later in the day, he had another visitor.  My friend Lydia was visiting her niece in the hospital, and decided to come down to see Mr. Kimble too.  Thanks for visiting Lydia!

After that, Kimble got a bath.  He stunk.  Even though it was only a sponge bath, he got a good scrubbing from our nurse Carolina.  I brought some lotion for him from home, and just like that, he smelled like our Kimble again.

The bath seemed to rejuvenate him again. He started playing with his toys. 

Well actually, he kept playing with all his lines and cords and tubes.  We couldn't have that.  He already pulled out his IV, as well as turned a dial on one of his lines that they take blood samples from and created a mess all around him.  Curious boy.    So we keep his lines and tubes covered, and try to keep him entertained with his toys.  Daddy helped by making his arm into a human mobile.

All that playing made him tired.  He slept, with one arm holding his toy.

Later in the evening, we turned on the tv (for the first time since Sunday).  Kimble was mesmerized with "So You Think You Can Dance" and watched it the entire time, much to the amusement of anyone who came in our room.  He was very into it.  I think he has a favorite dancer...but I won't jinx it by telling. :)

He had an uneventful night.  Slept through most of it, which is better than he does at home.  The plan for today is to get more plasma into him, followed by removing his chest tubes and RA line...hopefully!


LollyChops said...

I am glad to see he's doing ok Shaina... I am right here reading along with the updates I just keep forgetting to comment!

Love to you guys.

homefront said...

A good bath makes everyone feel better! Keeping him busy with toys will keep you occupied! Pretty soon he will be rolling and twisting and keeping him in the bed will be a challange. Hugs to 3.

Jed and Kera said...

So glad to hear an update. We sure hope he has a better day today. We really enjoyed the pictures of him playing! :O)

Jen Sue Wild said...

I can tell by your smile that you are doing good. I am almost more worried about you tham I am our Mr.K. I have a peace in my heart that is stronger than I have since the day he was born that thing will be ok.

I love you guys so much..

Nicki said...

I have a hard time leaving comments--I don't know why I get teary-eyed whenever I read these past few days. But thanks for the detailed updates and pictures. I'm sure you can feel our love and prayers. You've got lots of followers, well I guess that's nothing new:). Keep on posting!

Enjoying Life One day @ a Time! said...

Thank you for the e-mail and the updates. I hope today is a better day for you and Mr. kimble...Hope everything goes as the doctors plan. My prayers are with you =)

Queen of Chaos said...

I'm relieved and happy Kimble is doing good and he's recovering well. He is soooo loved! I'm also so glad to read all your updates and see all the great pictures you take. It's awesome.

Sorry I haven't been here to read the updates on Kimble's surgery and recovery until now. I haven't felt well and my body keeps teasing me with labor pains and then nothing. A vicious cycle.

Your family pictures that Christy took are GREAT! :)

Adri said...

Thanks for the detailed updates, Shaina. We'll keep praying for daily improvements. Sending our love!

Sara said...

He is such a beautiful, tough little guy--with great taste in TV shows! Thinking of you all . . . :)

J.C. said...

I pray constantly for you and Kimble and the rest of your lovely family. I hope everything goes well! Thank you for updating us and I will keep you in my prayers. Hugs and comfort to you.

Colleen said...

I am glad his energy level was a bit up in the afternoon, I am sure it's unsettling to see him so lethargic. Hopefully this new course will get his appetite up! I am sure those cables and cords are fascinating, I know Tommy would have a hard time keeping his hands off too.

Heidi said...

I can't tell you how much I think of little Mr Kimble - and I've never even met him. He is so sweet and so lucky to have you and Heath for a Mommy and Daddy.

I continue to pray for all of you!

runningfan said...

More energy and interaction is good! I'm glad you had the comfort of familiar doctors and a friendly visitor! C'mon, Kimble....