Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Some Wedding Pictures

My brother had a wedding photographer (the bride's Aunt), so I just managed to get some snapshots here and there.  First up, me and Kim with Kimble.

Kim snapped this next picture, of me and my dad.

My brother's wedding colors were plum and black, with silver accents.  We were told to find something to wear to fit in with the color scheme.  After we all got dressed, we realized that sisters really do think alike....although they made fun of my white legs.

We got a picture together of my mom, with her daughters, minus one.

Ian is such a special little brother.  He is super cool and so tender and loving to all his nieces and nephews.  Everyone loves him.  Growing up, he was my "charge".  Ian slept in my room when he was just a baby, and I used to wake up with him in the middle on the night and rock him back to sleep.  So before all of us sisters could give Ian away to his bride, we put up a fight.

Two Parents.  Ten Kids.  (One kid missing).  Welcome to the family Karissa!

Here is a picture of just the Weber side of the family.  Everyone was able to make it except Courtney, her husband, and their four kids, as well as Heath and our other four kids.

My parents have planted one really big family tree!  We have such a fabulous time getting together.  The last picture is of Sharon and I, with our babies.  Sharon made Max and Kimble matching outfits for the wedding.  They were so cute in their plaid suits and bowties! Thanks Sharon!

Oh, and a special shout out to my "number 1 fan" Cheryl, who is my sister Shavonne's mother in law.  It was fun talking to you. Thank you for your warm compliments!


purejoy said...

i love that there are a million kids, a kajillion cousins. so awesome that y'all get along too. i can't imagine having that many sisters. we had four kids in 17 years. all spread out. i had a sister 9 years older. we're really close friends, but none of us are super-close, and i felt more like an only child.
i'm glad my kids are close together (18 mo) and wish i had more than two. but i'm very greatful for my two kids and hope they each have a slew of kiddles!

LollyChops said...

Great photos!!! It's like you and your sisters coordinated the outfits or something.. talk about cute!