Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Church Picnic

We had a church picnic last Saturday up at Black Forest Park.  It was pretty overcast and windy when I got up at 6am, but by the time we went there at 11am, it was about 72 degrees and perfect.  There were hamburgers and hot dogs and all manner of side dishes and desserts.  There were also enough popsicles and ice cream bars to feed a small army.

This is the only picture I was in, so I'm including it, just to document the fact that I was there.

Kolby had a loose tooth, that quite frankly, has been loose for a while.  It drives me nuts when the kids baby their loose teeth forever.  Just pull it out!!  Anyway, Kolby's was just barely hangin' on, but he absolutely refused to let me get anywhere near it.  I even tried to bribe him with money and treats, and also had one of our friends (a dentist)  try to get Kolby to let him pull it out, but he wouldn't budge.   It ended up coming out the next day, when he bit into a corn dog.

After food was eaten, fun was to be had.  Here is a picture of a slingshot the men rigged up.  They were shooting off little water balloons to a large crowd down the hill.  It was fun to watch.

With all the empty bottles of pop, the boys all got to make bottle rockets to shoot off.  Keaton and Kolby couldn't have been more thrilled.
While I was with the kiddos, helping them, and taking pictures of everything, I had some friends that were more than willing to entertain Mr. Kimble.

Oh, where was The Husband, you ask?  That is a very good question, and one that got asked a lot that morning.  So, The Husband, along with two other husbands of wives that were there that day, went out for a bike ride at 7am that morning.  We all thought they would be back by 11 for the picnic, but they never showed up.  I think they finally came at 1pm, with stories of "hike-a-biking" and car starter problems, and who knows what else.  Anyway, they finally showed up, and by that point, everyone there knew that they were late, and quite possibly, in trouble.
They grabbed some cold hamburgers, told their story of woe to anyone that would hear, and were put in charge of kids for the rest of the day.  Later that night, us girls went to a movie, and left husbands in charge of kids for the night.

Kolby found lots of  things to occupy his time.  He squirted anyone he came across, with water from this water gun he "borrowed" from some kid.  Eventually, he and his water buddies got their dues, when they got chased down by their friend's dad, and got buckets of cold water dumped on them.  It was all in fun, though.

Keaton's first bottle rocket wouldn't work, for some reason, so he made another one, and launched it again and again.  He had so much fun.

The boys both came home with their bottle rockets, which are now adorning the shelf in their room.  It was a really great day for a BBQ in the park.


Adri said...

I forgot to report back....

I DID end up going to bed early because I was feeling a little in-labor-ish! Aughhh! Good thing I wasn't at the movie, huh? I ended up laying on the couch and drinking buckets of water for 3 hours, then heading to bed at 9 pm.

Hope the show was fun!

Jed and Kera said...

looks like lots of fun! My husband is an aerospace engineer and when he was at Utah State he volunteered to go help a science club build rockets. It was really fun to go watch the kids launch them.

runningfan said...

Looks like a grand time! Still wishing I was in your ward...

Steele's said...

Your dentist friend, as I saw in the picture with the men, used to live next door to me!!