Sunday, July 11, 2010


I have such a cute family.  We were all at church together today, after more than a month of transition.  We had a few minutes before church, so I snapped some pictures of us.

Heath actually gave a talk today, on overcoming adversity.  He did a great job.  I was interpreting.  Not so sure I did a good job with that...Anyway, our friend Trinette sat with the kiddos.  So even though we were all at church together, we weren't really next to each other, but that is how some Sundays go.

After church, Mr. Kimble got comfy.  In this next picture, I was trying to show his two bottom teeth.  You can kinda see them.
I love my family.  We had a good Sunday.


dippyrooroo said...

You do have a cute family! It's so awesome to see you all back home and together and happy!

Ande said...

Cute pics, love the new look!!!! Glad that Heath's talk went well. And yes, you have an adorable family.

Heidi said...

I am super impressed you had a few minutes before church to spare! I always plan on taking pictures (ya know, since mostly no one has any gurb or crusties stuck their faces, etc) but we still always BARELY make it to church on time! And yes, your family is so cute! :)

Colleen said...

The photo of you and Kimble...priceless.