Tuesday, July 20, 2010

In Which I Am Entertained By Keaton As We Walk

I went for a power walk last night, trying to begin a new workout regime, and I invited Keaton to walk with me.   I told him we'd be speed walking, and there was no time for conversation.  He agreed, and we set out for 45 minutes through hills, paths, sidewalks, and streets.

I showed Keaton that we needed to walk super fast, and we can  move our arms in rhythm with our legs, to help us maintain speed.  He started walking with me, perfectly in step, matching my moves exactly.  He was so focused on watching me, that he almost fell off the sidewalk step.  But, he had a grin on his face the entire time.

Within a minute of us leaving the house, the conversation began:

"Oh that Isaiah, a kid from my class, was such a bully to me.  I was really upset, but I held it in..."  We talked about Isaiah for a few minutes.

"This is the path Daddy and I take.  Oh my gosh, it's so steep!  Do you see that part right there, the new sidewalk?...That part just kills me.  It's so hard. Sometimes I just have to say "stop!" and rest my tired muscles...

"What a beautiful rainbow!  That's a reminder from Heavenly Father that he will never flood the earth again.  Mom, do you know how many times the earth was flooded before Noah?"  I answer that  there was never a flood before Noah, and never one after.  Keaton said "Wouldn't it be so super cool if there were Astronauts during that time, and if they were in a spaceship, when there was the flood, all they would have seen is dark clouds and water over the entire earth."  I agreed that that would have been neat to see.

"Wow! Look at that house!  What a beautiful white porch.  I would love to buy that house. If it was free, I'd totally buy it."

"This is how you skip.  (Keaton demonstrates)  This  is how you gallop.  See, I can walk super fast on my tiptoes.  Now I can keep my legs straight but still walk....see!"

Keaton copies my movements again, exactly, and with a grin on his face again. He is so cute.

"Let's go left mom.  We haven't gone left yet."

"I can do some sweet karate moves.  Watch me.  (Keaton punches the air with force, and includes some awesome sound effects).  Now look again, this is a different way to punch.  (Does some different punches, with gusto)  I know how to karate kick too, but I don't want to do it right now, or I might kick you in your legs. That won't be good...or nice....I'll run ahead and do it instead."   (Keaton runs ahead to do his karate kick.  It's awesome.)

"Mom, are you tired? I think you are tired.  You should be tired by now.  Whew. I think you should stop and rest.  Let's rest mom.  Right now."  (Keaton leans against a tree.)  "I'm just gonna stretch my body against this tree mom!" Keaton yells to me, as I continue walking.  He stretches, then  runs to catch up, and mimics my movements again.

"Which way should we go now mom? Wait...let me think. Hmmm...do you think I should have a book on my head?"  I'm perplexed, so I ask him why.  "So it can make me smarter.  Books make you  smarter, don't they?  If I have some on my head, sometimes it makes me smarter."

"Whew.  It's tough work walking and talking."

"Mom, how do  you remember how to speak, in the morning, after you've not spoken all night?"

"Look at the sky mom! Did you know that long long ago, the sky was really low to the ground. There were these Indians, and one was really tall.  The tallest Indian kept bonking his head on the sky. So, the seven wisest Indians got together to think of how to solve the problem.  The seventh wise Indian suggested that everyone push up the sky.  Then, it didn't work.  Do you know why it didn't work?  It's because nobody was working together. So they said, "Hey, we need the seventh wisest Indian to come back here and help us!" and he did. When he came back, he suggested they all work together, at the same time. Then, they did it, and they had such force, that they poked holes through the sky, and the sky is still like that, and it's the stars that you see, peeking through the holes."

"Oh look....we are home!  I'm thirsty from all this talking....and walking."

He said so much more, and it was so funny.  I quite enjoyed our time together.


Heidi said...

Yep.. that's just like my little Mikey. He never stops talking and I think I'm the only person who listens to all of it!

Jed and Kera said...

hehe that is so cute! it's funny the things they come up with!

runningfan said...

What a chatty boy! I don't think Zach has said that many words in his entire life.

purejoy said...

i would seriously hire keaton to walk with me. books on tape or exercise music can be so boring!
i just love young kids. their minds move a million miles a second.

kdaygirl said...

I love it when kids just ramble, because thats when they say the coolest things, like being a Man/Boy.

dippyrooroo said...

LOL! What a kid! I;m just dying over the part about remembering how to speak in the morning!

Sara said...

Oh, I just loved this! If only I could record all of the hilarious and random things my boys say--just too cute. Loved this post! What a wonderful snapshot. Thanks for sharing!

Jennifer Magreevy said...

Creative little bugger, isn't he? My favorite part was him asking how you remember to speak after you haven't spoken all night. Very inquisitive, and insightful!! :)

courtney said...

those are great things you learned that day!