Sunday, July 18, 2010

Touring Colorado By Foot

This weekend we had some great friends come stay with us.  Sam and Carolann Rogers were neighbors of ours in California, when both our husbands were stationed there.  We have moved. They have moved.  It's been over two years since we have seen each other. It was great to reconnect again, as they stopped over here on their way to a family reunion in Utah.  We were delighted to offer them our "guest quarters" and show them around our town.  We try to sell everyone on the delight of Colorado.  This weekend was no exception.

We ate a big breakfast Saturday morning, then packed up a lunch for later.  By 10 am we were on the way to Monument, to go for a hike at the base of the mountains. This is one of my favorite hikes, as it is more of a stroll through some lovely meadows, ending at a HUGE rock.  If I could build a house anywhere, it would be there.  So, here are some pictures for you.  First up, we took family pictures by the trailhead.

We took our time getting to the rock.  There were moments of tears from a few kids and terror from Kamy over some bumblebees, but overall, the kids did great.  Kimble was happy to be outside, and I think he enjoyed the walk very much.

Almost to the big rock!  From this angle, it looks like a big beehive.

Keaton loves this little spot on the rock that I can boost him up to.  He was very content to sit and watch the beautiful scenery around us.

I enjoyed getting creative with angles and perspectives by shooting this picture using the reflection of The Husband's sunglasses.

As we were leaving the big rock, on our way back on the loop trail to the car, we loved the beautiful sky, contrasting with the rock and the shrubbery.  Just lovely!!
When we were done with that hike, we passed out the lunches to everyone, and we ate while driving back to Colorado Springs and up through the mountains.  One of Heath's favorite drives is Gold Camp Road, which takes you up through the mountain and gives you a great bird's eye view of our city.

The road comes back down and lands you right at Helen Hunt Falls (not named after the actress) and we let the kids play in the ICY cold water coming down from the falls.  It was very cold at first, but as with all things, you get use to it.

Mr. Kimble is always good for some snuggles and kisses.

By 3pm, we started driving back to the house to rest a bit.  We relaxed. We ate dinner.  Then, we went to Garden of the Gods right before sunset. It was deliciously cool and lovely.

I think this is a fabulous picture of The Rogers Family, and should totally be their Christmas Card Picture....even if it is six months away.

My kids always love exploring all the rocks and trails. Kolby can't seem to do anything without it involving a big stick.
After that, we went home.  Carolann and I had planned on going to a late night movie, but by that time, we were both exhausted from the activities of the day, so after we showered all the kids, we all just went to bed.

They stayed for an hour of church today, before they took off to Utah.  It was so great to have them come!!


runningfan said...

Looks fun!

When we come back (yep, we're coming back), maybe we can do that "big rock" hike together. My boys would love it.

Jennifer Magreevy said...

I miss Colorado! I haven't been back in five years. We were stationed at Peterson and LOVED it. We're coming for a visit in September and I simply can't wait to get to Garden of the Gods! I've tried explaining it to non-Coloradoans and they don't understand the beauty of it. I can't wait to go to the Zoo, walk through Manitou Springs, maybe do Gold Camp Road (couldn't do it before, I had a 4-cylinder car that wouldn't make it all the way up!!)...I'm so excited to finally be coming back! Now if only I could talk the Air Force into sending us back there for good!!

kdaygirl said...

Looks like a great place for a reunion!

edyB said...

Such beautiful photos! I especially like the one of Keaton on the rock ~ and what a view he has!

Valerie said...

This make me so excited to get our orders! Its going to be fun!