Thursday, July 8, 2010

Utah Trip

The kids had a blast in Utah for two weeks.  They loved being with all of their cousins and Aunts and Uncles.  Here are a few pictures from their stay.  Kolby helped make dinner one night.  English Muffin  Pizzas.
He also happened to be with Aunt Kim when she went to the hospital to visit Aunt Autumn, who just had a beautiful baby girl.  Kolby got to hold her and he was thrilled.  The next picture is of Keaton and his cousin Leah climbing their big tree.  They call it the Harry Potter tree.
Here is Keaton (with Anni and Kamy) jumping on the trampoline.  Keaton was doing his "cannon ball" flip.
One night the older kids went to pull weeds from the church community garden.  As a reward, they got "kong cones".  They loved it.  Keaton said he had turned into a man that night, because all the hard work made hims sweaty, and only men sweat, not boys.  So he is a man now, just to let you all know.
One afternoon most of the kids went swimming.  They were looking forward to this the most!  They had a blast swimming. Keaton declared himself now able to swim.  Kamy actually went down the slide all by herself, and Georgie had a blast swimming with her floaties. 
Kim said Georgie would come up behind her, silent as can be, and just watch her.  Kim got startled again and again, when she turned around, only to find Georgie quietly standing by, with a creepy smile on her face.  This picture is when Kim told her to make a creepy smile.
Here is another picture, taken on the cell phone, in a dark room, with Georgie and Kim. This was the best photoshop could do, with the picture, but I still like it.
Georgie loved dressing up everyday!
She also had a deep desire to hold the kitties all the time, but they were afraid of her.  So, she silently stalked them.
Even when it's not swim day, she still enjoyed wearing her swimsuit and goggles around the house.
I know Kim was happy to have a quiet and normal house back, but the kids had such a great time over there.  Thanks to them, and to Aunt Melissa and Uncle Jamie, for taking care of our kids so well.  Family is the best!!


purejoy said...

looks like they had a blast. i used to love going to visit the cousins.
that georgie is a little riot. swimming suit and goggles in the house. too funny!!

all that's missing today is a little kimble fix!!

hope you are having a great week.

runningfan said...

I'm very glad your kids had such a great place to land while Kimble was in the hospital!

Ande said...

looks like they had a really good time. That is wonderful that your sister was able to take them and they got to spend some time with their cousins! I know my kids are wishing they could do that right now.

Maynards said...

Looks like they had so much fun! I am so glad everything turned out well for the whole family. Georgie's hair is getting so long, it is gorgeous!

The Mitchells said...

How great that they had such fun place to escape to! Did you drive them up the whole way or did you meet up halfway?