Friday, August 13, 2010

And The Beat Goes On

Kimble had an appointment with his Cardiologist again.  Previously, we were seeing him every few weeks. This last time, it had been a month since our previous appointment.  For the first time in Kimble's life, we went a whole month without going to the doctor!  Amazing.

Speaking of amazing, Kimble is doing just that.  His heart is functioning well after The Glenn surgery.  There is a good balance of bloodflow going through the re-routed parts, as well as the other half of his blood that is flowing through his small right chambers.  He is at about 96% oxygen saturation, which is just about what any normal person is.

He had another echocardiogram, to check out all these things.  We are routinely having these ultrasounds focused on the heart, to get a baseline for Kimble.  As he grows, we'll see what his heart does.  For now, we are optimistic that his heart will continue to handle the demands that it should.  Time will tell.  Kimble is a very unique case, after all.

Kimble's weight was checked.  He's at 18 pounds 3 ounces! It's been hard-earned, believe me.  We are thrilled at all the progress he has made, and how healthy and happy Kimble  is.

Because I've never gotten a picture with Dr. Brames, Kimble's pediatric cardiologist, I took a quick one while he was checking Kimble out.  It looks staged, but it's not.  (Oh, and Kimble is holding on to my chapstick (natural cherry ice), the best chapstick in the world...especially "if your lips hurt real bad" (said in my best Napoleon Dynamite voice).

Cheers to a healthy functioning, if not your typical "normal", heart!


Colleen said...

Yay, Kimble! You are so strong! And yay, Mommy too for giving him the best start a kid could ask for! And I had fun imagining you doing your Napoleon Dynamite voice too.

Enjoying Life One day @ a Time! said...

Thank God. So happy to hear that the Doctor's appt. went so well. Go Kimble!!

I'm Always Rite said...

Fantastic news Shaina! Thanks so much for sharing! Kimble is a little rock star! ;} And now I have all these Napolean Dynamite quotes running through my brain... thanks! ;} Maybe I'll just go fix myself a dang quesa-dilla! ;}

Maynards said...

Awesome news! Kimble is a little miracle baby for sure. Dang, he is cute!

Jed and Kera said...

hooray! boy, what a special little guy!!! :O) our prayers continue from him.

Ande said...

YEAH!!! That is wonderful to hear!!!! He is getting so big!!! I love how he is just staring right back at the Dr too.