Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Did you know this is National Breastfeeding Week?  Well, it is!  I have been lucky to be able to nurse all of my babies.  I realize that this is a blessing.  Not everyone is so fortunate.  It's a great thing to be able to share that special time with my babies.  The coos and gurgles and strokes and smiles...ahh.  It's so great.

(Do you know how many pictures I had to take to get one that was appropriate and modest?  Not the easiest thing to do!)

I love breastfeeding my babies, and although I may be a bit biased, I think Mr. Kimble likes it too!

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Renny's little things said...

You are so lucky. My little babes and the BF thing didn't work out. We got to share the experience for about 6 weeks. I normally feed Isaac his bedtime bottle and if I don't he has a bit of an unsettled night I think he and I have that little bond. Daddy just can't stroke his head and his hand right and at the samr time. Mummy's just have a certain knack to doing some special things.
Mr Kimbles lip has healed very nice and if we didn't know i would say you could mistake it for a little birth mark or extra colour.
You two are so beautiful...
Keep the posts coming I love your storys
Cheers Geniene (Canberra Austraila)