Monday, August 30, 2010

Camping With Friends

Twenty years ago, I met Jenifer.  We went to Jr. High and High School together and were friends, but we never saw each other outside of school.  Then, we both landed a summer job (as well as some of our other friends) at the paper mill, where both our dad's worked.  For the next four years (summers and college breaks) we slaved away for 10 hours a day, cleaning up sludge overflows, painting, scraping, weeding, mowing, unloading, washing, hosing down, shoveling off, unloading propane (I was dubbed "shaina propaina" for years), fork-trucking loading, and doing any other type of labor you can think of.  It was terrible.  We had a blast working with each other.

Through that, we became the best of friends.  They were the ones responsible for us joining the Air Force.  We haven't seen each other for six years, when she had only one kid, and I had three.    Now, we both have five kids.

They live in Oklahoma, and decided to come over here to beautiful Colorado to camp for a week.  We joined them at their campsite Friday evening, for some yummy fajitas and smores. Here's a picture of Jen and I (and Kimble!).

Next up, Heath and Jeff pose for a picture.
Then we took the ten kids to the play area by the campsite.  They could be heard a mile away, they were having so much fun with each other.

The Boys

The Girls
The next day, we took all day to hike Garden of the Gods and Helen Hunt Falls (not named after the actress).  Will post those pictures later.


Jen Sue Wild said...

Looks like you all had a fun time!! Yay for friendship.

Mags said...

Hehe, I have to laugh at the paper mill stuff because Misty was here last weekend for my son's birthday party and she was telling us fun stories about that paper mill summer job.