Sunday, August 8, 2010

Curly Georgie

Georgie is such a girlie girl.  She always asks me to make her hair curly, and paint her fingernails and toe nails.  She likes to look pretty, and have hairspray in her hair.  Most sentences she says, begins with "When I grow up..."  For example, she'll say "When I grow up, I get to use pretty makeup just like you, momma!"  or she'll say "How old do I get to be when I get my ears pierced?"  The answer is 12.  She's also fixated with losing her teeth.  She tells me all the time that she has loose teeth that will fall out soon. I keep telling her when she's six, and that disappoints her. She wants it to happen now.

"Will you get me a cell phone momma?"  I tell her that when she is an adult, she can have a cell phone.   She is so excited.  She says "Oh, when I'm all grown up, I get a cell phone!  What's your number, momma, so I can call you.  Will you tell me your number?   But what is my number?  I need my number!"   She is so happy about it.  She also pretend talks on her toy phone with her  friends, her aunts, her cousins, grandmas, but mostly with her friend Teralyn.

She loves food, and hasn't been picky about anything lately.  After every meal, she'll say "That was sooo good. I want this for my birthday dinner!"  The next night, she'll say the same thing about whatever we are eating then too.

She still talks about the baby in her tummy.  She says that when she's a grown up, after she's married, the baby will come.  I agree.  However, it's almost daily conversation, about what to name the baby.

She prefers to wear her swimsuit outside to play, with her underwear sticking out, and her dress shoes on.

She still loves to wear skirts everyday, instead of pants.

She gets her own cups of "freezing cold water" out of the fridge when she's thirsty, and loves that she can do it herself.

She loves to pick up Kimble now.  She picks up his feet and drags him to an open area in the room.  Then she  sits at his feet, puts his legs across hers, and then scoops him up against her chest.  Then they sit and giggle at each other, as he pulls on her hair "No no my baby Kimble!" and she squeezes him with one of her crazy strong hugs.

When she prays, she'll say "...and please bless my kids and my baby Mr. Kimble baby".  I love that she calls her brothers and sisters "my kids".

Right now, her and Kolby have a "love/hate relationship". They constantly pester each other to the point that I've threatened each of them that they will be handcuffed to each other for the rest of the day.  I've even made them hug each other for 10 minutes, after a long day of them battling with each other.  Georgie will tease Kolby to the point where he thinks he has to hit her or pull her hair to get her to stop.  Sometimes, Kolby will just walk past her and whack her with his light saber, or stick, or arm, or whatever...  I've never had kids that have purposely tried to annoy and hurt each other.  It's so frustrating for me.  I'll be glad when they get a break from each other, when school starts.  I'm tired of the hitting and screaming and crying and yelling.

Georgie doesn't say her "r" or "l" sounds very well, which are exactly the two consonants I had problems with when I was a little girl.  However, she has such a cute little voice, that it's endearing to hear her talk.

Her thumb nail came off last week, a week after it got smashed in the door. She shows it to everyone, and is very proud of her war wound.

She tells me she never wants to be called Kennedy (her real name).  I tell her that maybe when school starts.  She disagrees and says "I'm Georgie forever!"

Everyone at church adores her.  She always sneaks down the row at church and ends up snuggling on some one's lap, admiring their jewelry and makeup and pretty dresses.  She is coy and flirtatious and so cute.

She knows when her birthday day is, and always says that as a goal, like "Maybe I can have more candy after December 8th!"  or "When it's December 8th, I'll watch that movie!".

Georgie is a fun and helpful little girl.  She loves string cheese, spaghetti, ranch dressing, and sandwiches with mustard.  She hates "spicy" toothpaste and loves to take showers with Kamy.  She dresses up her dollies, and will play barbies by herself for hours.  She is a very fun little girl at 4 1/2 years old.


runningfan said...

She's adorable! What a fun snapshot of your little girl.

Nicki said...

I love little Miss Georgie! I can't believe how fast these girls are growing up and both sound pretty sassy to me.

Maynards said...

What a cutie! Great info about her as well. I could totally sense her personality through this post. Miss you!

Colleen said...

That Georgie is too cute! What a darling.

purejoy said...

ahhhhhhdorable. i would love to have a little girl like that.
sorry to hear about that thumbnail, but then again… we knew it would happen, didn't we?
my daughter wore skirts and was so girly girly until 2nd grade when peer pressure won out. i think i was more upset about it than she was.
georgie. sooo cute. and i happen to loooooove the name kennedy.