Friday, August 13, 2010

Here and There

This week has been a long one.  It's the week before school starts up again, and I think every one's a bit prickled and tense.  Kids are crying and yelling at each other.  The house just won't stay clean.  Knees are scraped and hair is pulled.  It's hot.  It's rainy. It's hot again (all in one day).

I  think the start of school on Monday is coming just when I need it.

But, there has been some fun things happening around here too.  For instance, last night when I went outside to the cul-de-sac, the neighborhood hot spot for kids from near and far to come play and leave their messes behind, I saw an obstacle course in action.  I watched as Keaton climbed up a step ladder (step-step-step-step-hop down...repeated four times), then he picked up a tree branch that was nice and full and as big as he was, and waved it up then smacked it down (repeated two times).  He got on his pogo stick and bounced six times.  Got on his scooter and spun around in two circles, ran past Kamy and a neighbor girl, then wove in and out between four bikes, ran down to the edge of the cul-de-sac, stopped to look both ways, crossed the road, then ran back again to the beginning.  Then, the other kids took their turn at the obstacle course.

We've prepped Kolby about him repeating first grade.   He was a little forlorn for a while.  To perk him up, we tell him that he is going to have the first birthday to celebrate with his class, and everyone will like him because he'll bring in yummy treats.  We tell him that he's going to be the smartest in his class, and that he'll already know the answers, already know how to read, already know the songs and games, and have such an easy-breezy time with his homework, that it'll be done before he realizes it, and can have more time to play.   He's feeling much better about it.

Here is a picture of Georgie holding Kimble. She is always holding him like this.

I took the kids down to visit The Husband at work one day.  They loved roaming around the office and seeing where their daddy worked, and meeting all of his coworkers.  We even brought him pizza to eat!

Kamy is such a great big sister.  One morning I caught her reading to Kimble.  He was very attentive.

It's been a long week for sure.  I'm looking forward to a quiet house on Monday.   Today, the kids got to meet their teachers and see their new classrooms.  I think they'll have a great year!


Nancy said...

sounds like a pretty intense obstacle course! I need a pogo stick to travel around campus..hmmmm

purejoy said...

what a fun idea… an obstacle course! pretty soon kimble will be up and walking and leaving his toys about and you'll have an obstacle course inside, too! so cute to see his sisters loving on him.
after all the wrestling you did with kolby last year, i imagine he'll sail through his work. i would think the confidence of knowing what he's doing will be just what he needs to tackle his homework. here's to praying that it works out that way!!
happy beginning of the school year. the kids here in our neck of tennessee begin on wednesday.