Sunday, August 22, 2010

Project Linus

On Saturday, I was invited to go up to Denver and participate in a blanket-making activity from members of Project Linus.  They get  together every month and make blankets to be donated to different organizations.  We are lucky enough to have our Blanket Donation be the recipient of many wonderful handmade blankets.

I met up with Julie and Adam (just to remind you, Adam was born the same day as Kimble and we were next door neighbors in the CICU in November, when our babies were undergoing heart surgery.  Teresa and baby Chance, our other cardiac baby, had prior commitments and couldn't make it), and together we spent half the day helping with blankets.  The boys played on the floor (mostly content, until it was nap time) while we hopped around to different tables, and sewed on labels or tied blankets.

As mother's, we tend to be multi-taskers!  Adam took a little nap in Julie's lap as she sewed on labels.

A few ladies left before we could get a group picture, but here are most of the ladies that came to help make blankets!  I'll have to get the official count from Julie, but I think we took home about 50 blankets to add to our stash for donation!

On the way home, we barely pulled out of the parking lot before our boys conked out.

It was a great day, and I'm so happy to be involved in such an amazing project.  Then, when I got home, my friend Katie came over with six beautiful flannel blankets that her and her mom made for us. 
Thanks for posing for a picture Katie!  Just a reminder to anyone who still wants to donate blankets, the deadline is in two months (Nov 1st)!!


Jen said...

So very cool. I have two handmade blankets and one store bought ready for you and Hannah is getting ready to do her no sew blankets for you. So at least 5 total will come your way but I am hoping to get more.

Ali said...

I still have several blankets for you. I am trying to make a few more before I mail them off. But they will be on the way soon!

Julie said...

Thanks for coming up, Shaina! It was fun to spend the morning with you. This blanket drive has been such a great experience, and we haven't even donated the blankets yet!

I'm Always Rite said...

Okay, I will ask you on FB or something, but I want to know specs for the blankets so I can donate a few! What a groovy act of service! ;}