Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Quite The Dream

So I had a crazy dream last night that seemed to linger around in my consciousness all morning, and I told some of my family members about it.  It reminded me of another dream I had, with no real connection between the two, except that it was very vivid, very detailed, and quite bizarre.  So I thought I'd entertain you with this dream, which I had about six months ago.

It started off with me being late to church.  It was the morning I was due to bring my 85 copies of the 18 page newsletter I had put together for our ward (church group).  So I have the big box of papers, and I walk up to the front of the church, and go up to the area where the Bishop is sitting, ready to conduct.  I show him the newsletters, to get his approval, and also to see how he wants me to distribute them.  He barely glances at it, then throws it back at me and says "This is terrible.  Throw it away!"  (By the way, this is totally unlike him..)  So I take my hard-worked copies and begin to leave the stage when the Bishop gets up and announces the first speaker.  It's some guy I've never seen before, but as he begins his talk, he says something like how he can't start without publicly saying how I had ruined his life, and publicly dissed him on a blind date, and he goes on to say all of these terrible things about me. 

I tried to explain to him, and to the congregation, that I had no idea what he was talking about, and I was innocent of all charges, and had never even met him before.  I was booed off the stage.  So at this point, I realize my family is nowhere to be seen. I leave the room to search for them, but upon leaving the chapel, I go into another chapel.  It was filled with people sitting quietly in the dark...a full congregation...and they were waiting for their turn to begin, and the room would rotate through, like a big spinning disk, after our meeting was over.  They were all sitting silent as can be, and as I passed through them, they turned to look at me like they were robots.  It was creepy.

So I got out of there as fast as can be, and run into a bunch of people in the foyer, one of which is the lady I interpret for.  She is trying to have a conversation with someone, and is delighted that I am there to interpret.  So, I begin interpreting for a few minutes, which I think is going well.  Then, I look down, and see that I am not wearing anything but my underclothes.  To make matters worse, the top flaps of my breastfeeding undergarments are down, exposing my chest.  I am horrified!  I ask why nobody even told me, and the deaf lady speaks (not signs, but speaks) "It doesn't matter anyway.  What does it matter what you are wearing?  You interpreted terribly!"

I leave and go downstairs to where I think I spot my kids running from me.  They are going in and out of random doors in a dungeoned basement....

Darn it. I know there was more to the dream, but I can't remember the rest.  Isn't it strange how dreams occur.  Inlaid through dreams are some of our greatest fears combined with wonky realities.  Our mind really does come up with the most magnificent stories, doesn't it?


runningfan said...

I can't stand the way my fears come out in my dreams! It makes them too real, and too hard to shake. Good for you for laughing about it!

Maynards said...

Wow! What a dream. Hope you have sweet dreams from now on.

Shavonne said...

Holy cow, that's a crazy one. It's so weird trying to describe them, as they jump around so much. I had one the other night and I was on "The Office" and Jim was in love with me and kept trying to get out of his relationship with Pam. It stayed with me all day too.

I'm Always Rite said...

Great dream! I love vivd dreams! Except sometimes I wake up exhausted! ;]