Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Sleep determines whether you have a good day or not.  I mean, really, if you were up all night for one reason or another, and then morning comes before you want it to, it pretty much defines your day.

I've been labeled by my sleep since before I had Kimble; since we found out about his heart defects one year ago.  Sleep didn't come any easier when he was born either.  In fact, he was born on a Wednesday, and I didn't really sleep from the night before he was born, until Sunday night. By Sunday, I was an uncontrollable weeping mess, and was at my breaking point.  That's as worse as it got.

Since then, sleep has occurred, but in small chunks, and fitful, at best.  I kept Kimble right next to me in bed, because if I actually stayed awake every time he nursed through the night, I would have gotten NO sleep at all.  Besides, I like to sleep with my babies, so it worked out fine.

The past few weeks, however, sleep has become harder and harder to hang on to.  I was up all night with Kimble, and then in the morning, my back would be so sore from how taunt I must've been holding my body, next to Kimble.  I decided that enough was enough.  I finally needed more sleep.

So almost a week ago now, I decided to have Kimble sleep in his crib.  Since his crib is in another room  (our guest room) and I was having issues with him being so far away from me, I decided to sleep in the guest room too.  The first night, I laid him down about 10:30 pm (I was hosting a baby shower that night, so we got off to a late start). I was determined that I would let him cry himself to sleep if he woke up before 3am to eat.   If it was after 3am, I would feed him, then put him right back to sleep in his crib.  Essentially, the co-sleeping was over.

Imagine my surprise when he didn't wake up until 4:15am.  This, coming from a kid who previously thought he had to eat every half hour throughout the night.  So I fed him, then put him back in his crib until he woke up for the morning at 6:30.  Since I actually got sleep that night, I felt exuberant that morning!

The  next night, I laid him down when  he was awake and  he only cried for a minute or two before he put himself to sleep.  He slept until around 1am, but I let him cry himself back to sleep (only a few minutes) and didn't feed him until he woke up a few hours later.  Then, he was back in his crib to sleep for the rest of the night.

This went on for the next few nights. If he woke up before 3am, I didn't get him.  After 3am, I fed him, and then returned him to his crib.  By day 5, I felt confident in sleeping in my own room again (with the monitor on) and allowing him a once-a-night feeding.

Everything has changed!  Kimble is sleeping so well at night.  He even pacifies himself if he wakes up, and goes back to sleep on his own.  Now I am able to get two good chunks of sleep in. I am feeling more normal now, instead of the tired zombie I've been for a year.  Ironically enough, this change has even influenced his daytime naps.  Before, he was taking one nap a day, and it wasn't very long. Now, he takes two naps a day, and both are at least two hours long.

I feel so...rested!  Yay for sleep!


runningfan said...

Congratulations! This progress is well-earned and well-deserved. I always notice that more sleep equals more sleep. A good night usually means a good nap, and vice versa!

Colleen said...

I remember our doc when Zach was a baby saying "Sleep begets sleep" the more they sleep, the more they sleep! It's so true. I'm SO glad the sleep training has gone so well for you guys. Ours has been a bit rougher, but overall not too bad, just a few rough nights. Funny, I just wrote about our experiences with this over the past few weeks in Tommy's 10 mo. post for tonight! It felt like de ja vu reading this!

Valerie said...

It's time for me to buy a crib! I need more sleep. I am glad it all worked so easily for you...and a little jealous!

Jen said...

yay for sleep! I can't wait to be back at that point myself. I am so tired.

DougandSheilah said...

I totally know how you feel. I did the same thing with Benjamin when he was born. It wasn't until he was 10months that a friend loaned us a book on getting kids to sleep that I finally slept and he did too. It was a happy time for me and I'm sure one for you.

Jed and Kera said...

OH bless your heart! I'm so happy to hear you are getting some sleep! Kimble and Dalton sounds very much alike with sleep. :O) yay for happy, good sleepers.

Jennifer Magreevy said...

I co-slept with my son until he was almost 5 months old. When I put him in his crib for the first time, it was ME who didn't sleep at all that first night, but he slept the entire night without a problem. It took ME awhile to get used to the change. He did just fine! In fact, he quickly put a stop to all attempts to get him to sleep: no rocking, cuddling, soothing at all. He wanted to read his book, be put in his crib, and me to leave the room. :) The transition was sooooo much tougher for me!

Carol said...

Well done!! You've had a lot of huge changes in a short amount of time!! More sleep for Mom is always a good thing, but more sleep for Kimble is wonderful, too!

I kept my youngest (now 2) in a snuggle nest in bed until she outgrew that and then moved her to a bassinet bedside, and probably would have kept her there until she outgrew that too, but realized that we both needed a better quality of sleep that moving her to a crib would afford us... hard, but worth it! :)

Alissa Maxwell said...

I guess 9-10 months is the mama breaking point for all of us. I think I'm spending half my day thinking about sleep (or lack of sleep). We have GOT to do some sleep training with Josh, and I'm encouraged by your success.

courtney said...

I can't wait for the day that Jordyn sleeps through the night! I am grumpy in the mornings and am only semi un-grumpy after waking up from the afternoon nap that I insist everyone take so that I can get some sleep. I am a nice mom in the afternoon but moody in the morning...but I try to be patient! (sometimes it works, most times it doesn't!)

With more sleep, hopefully the exercising will come more easily!

Team Sax said...

I am having such trouble getting to the point where I can let Karl cry. He wakes up so often in the night, but I am strangely so used to it that it hasn't bothered me.

When he wakes up before 3 do you rock him back to sleep or do you purely let him cry it out? Also, does he fall asleep nursing?

I think we'd have an easier time if Karl were intersted in a pacifier, but he just gets so mad at us no if we try to give it to him.

shaina said...

If he wakes up before three, I try not to go in there, because then he just wants me to hold him. Sometimes I go wrap him up again, and help him find his binkie, but for the most part, I leave him alone. He only cries for a few minutes. Then, when he's asleep again, I make sure he's covered up and warm.
He sometimes falls asleep nursing, but if he's awake when I lay him in his crib again, he just snuggles right back up and goes to sleep. It's so great!

I'm Always Rite said...

This post totally brought tears to my eyes! I am so glad you are sleeping again! I've been so worried about you! Yay for Kimble figuring out his zzzzs!!! ;}