Monday, August 2, 2010

Traveling Through

We had some lovely friends travel through last weekend.  We seem to be a great stopping point for everyone that is going/or coming from Utah for family reunions or other vacationy-type trips.

The Chesley family stayed the night with us Saturday night, after a road-tripping-family-reunion vacation.  Although they had only the one night to stay, we were happy to have them with us.  We knew the Chesleys when we were stationed together in California.  It's been just over two years since we've seen them, and were thrilled to offer them our guest quarters.

The Chesleys are a great family who love to go bowling, eat BBQ, find crazy off-the-wall places to visit, grow peppers in pots, eat doughnuts, wear unique T-shirts, watch LOST, read books, and decorate their entire house with IKEA furnishings.  Yes, they are groovy.

As for anyone else who wants to travel through Colorado, please consider our family B&B.  We love to have visitors!  We'll ask that you sanitize.  We'll apologize that none of our doors in our house lock.  We'll keep your kids up late because they will be playing with our kids.  The Husband will talk your ear off.  But, we'll feed you. We'll offer you a VERY soft mattress to sleep on.  We'll give you fresh towels to shower.  Maybe we'll even leave a mint on your pillow.

So, Chesley Family, thanks for visiting!


Jen Sue Wild said...

How fun to see the supers!!

I need a reservation for 2 at the Nunnly B&B in April when we house huntup there.

Ande said...

dude, count me in!!! I hope I make it your way. Tom always brags that he got some of Shaina's good cookin while he was tdy and you guys fed him. Hopefully you'll have even more friends moving there and then we will have a huge party!!!

I'm Always Rite said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for having us crash with you guys! Next time we will stay longer and have time for more fun! You all totally rock and it was great to soak you up for the few hours that we were there! ;}