Thursday, August 5, 2010

Very Tempting

I've got major popcorn envy with this recipe I just found on Our Best Bites.  Peanut Butter Cup Popcorn?  I'm totally drooling right now.  Who wants to make it and tell me how delicious it is?  It seriously combines two of my most very favorite things:  Popcorn and Reeses.  Super yum.

I'm still going strong on my diet.  I've had a spinach and chicken salad every day for more than three weeks.  I'm a spinach freak. I think my skin is turning green.  Anyway, I have the same thing every day because it's the routine that helps me stick to my diet.  I'd welcome other things to eat.  Maybe next month I'll have something else.

The Husband pulled out a big Reeses bar from the pantry (I had no idea it was in there) and he ate it..slowly...right in front of me.  It was just wrong.  He was really cute doing it, but still...wrong.  I haven't had sweets of any kind, and really haven't had any desire to cheat. It's surprising, really.

I am super proud of my focus on dieting.  On exercising....I still need a complete turn around.  I just don't dig it too much, but I need to learn to love it.

On a different note entirely, thank you to my new followers!  I'm almost at 200, and that makes me happy happy.  Hope you all enjoy yourselves here.  Stick around. Try a new recipe or two.  Oh, and if you have a great recipe to share, please leave it in the comments!  I LOVE getting and sharing recipes!


Domestic Goddess said...

That is cruel of Heath. Bad Heath!
Good on ya for sticking to your diet!

Colleen said...

Stay strong girl, you are looking great (although I think you always do)! I am the opposite. I hate dieting of any kind, but don't mind the exercise bit. Speaking of which, I need to start doing that again...sigh...I miss vacation. :)

Nicki said...

Just catching up! Way to go on the diet. I figure when I'm eating for two I might as well enjoy it. That's great you got a bike and are staying healthy but I think you look great in all of your pictures. And happy ninth to Mr. Kimble! What a little bruiser:)

edyB said...

Hang in there on your diet ~ wooo, I know it's difficult when chocolate is right in your face!

courtney said...

I like peanut butter cups too! Now you are testing me! Is that part of your strategy to win?

Keep up the fabulous work!