Friday, August 20, 2010


Congrats to the random two winners, Katie Ricks and Shannon Richards!  Shannon, email me your address and I'll send it out soon!  Katie, I'll bring it to church on Sunday!

I appreciate your comments so much!  Thanks for all your bloggy support and love!

I had to add this picture Georgie drew on the first day of school.  She included "momma, Georgie, and Kimble under a pweety wainbow!"  I am the one with the big orange ears and the long dangly earrings.  Georgie loves to accessorize!


Jen Sue Wild said...

What a cute pic!! I cant belive she is so big now.

Dan and Katie said...

no way!!! i never win anything! im so excited!!! gracias!

courtney said...

It's like Mr. potato head pictures! very cute!

Nicki said...

That's such a cute picture! I've got to get Elsie to sit for a few minutes and see if we could get a rainbow out of her:) I missed the first day of school--those kids look so grown up. And three years of blogging----------WHAT!?! Time goes too fast. Oh, wish I was making salsa with you yesterday!