Saturday, September 4, 2010

10 Months Old!

My little Kimble.  Such a sweet baby.  He really captures the attention of anyone that is near him.  Kimble really is a great baby.  He's so content and happy.  He is self-entertaining.  He goes to sleep on his own (in his crib!).  He is just a delight to me.  To all of us.  We love Kimble so much.

Kimble is 10 months old now.  In the past month, he has gone from shakily sitting up on his own, to masterfully sitting.  He has gone from falling over at the slightest breeze, to softly transitioning from sitting to lying down.  He rolls absolutely anywhere, and is super fast at it.  He can roll across a room just as fast as I can walk across it.  He still gets himself stuck sometimes, in a corner, a closet, or under the couch...
...but a whimpering cry calls his predicament to my attention pretty quickly, and he is rescued.  Kimble is getting stronger and stronger.  He likes to flex his muscles by doing things like push ups.  One of these days, he'll get his knees under him, and then off he'll go, crawling everywhere.  Until then, he amazes us with his constant push ups.

Kimble still looks just like his daddy.  I found this shirt at the store for him, which says "If you think I'm handsome, you should see my daddy".  I thought it very fitting.
When Kimble gets excited, he kicks his legs really fast.  If he's in his jumper chair, it makes it very difficult to pick him up, because he's jumping so fast.  If he's in his crib, his little legs go and go and he's just too cute.  Kimble gets excited like this when his Daddy comes home from work.  He's so happy to see him!

Kimble spends lots of time on the floor, playing with his toys and rolling around to the edge of the carpet.  He likes to pat the wood floors with his hand, and feel the different textures.  He has lots of toys to play with, but he's also exploring other things, like chair legs, curtains, cords, and furniture.

I mentioned before that Kimble puts himself to sleep.  He's a very good boy at nap time and bedtime.  I just lie him down in his crib and he turns on his side and goes right to sleep.  He loves his binkie, and sucking on that helps him go to sleep.  He wakes up once a night now, around 4am, to eat, and sometimes will sleep through the night, although it's not often.  I am enjoying bigger chunks of sleep, which has been lovely and refreshing for me.

Kimble and I have a great time together during the day, with Georgie too.  We play a lot; get lots of snuggles and kisses, and are content to just hang out with each other.  Kimble likes to watch some cartoons with Georgie, and he also likes it when she turns on music and dances around him.  His little legs kick and kick and he is so happy watching her.

Kimble eats just about anything we eat.  He loves spaghetti and refried beans.  He eats graham crackers and dry cereal and even likes to drink water from a cup, although he still won't take a sippy cup, and if I give him a bottle, he just plays with it instead of sucking on it.  He still breastfeeds just as much as he did before, and I don't see it ending anytime soon.  I think that depends on him learning to accept a bottle or a sippy cup in the near future.
Happy 10 month birthday my sweet little Kimble.


Enjoying Life One day @ a Time! said...

Just love the pictures, it's so good to see that he's doing so well now. Kimble is so cute!!!!Have a great weekend.

courtney said...

Great post! I hope that I get to meet him soon (at thanksgiving)!

He is thriving and doing so well! I think he is sucha handsome little boy!

runningfan said...

Your love for him is so evident. He is such a treasure!

Jen Sue Wild said...

I love you sweet Baby Boy I cant wait ti get to hold you again..

edyB said...

He's such a cute little guy! I've been following your Blog for almost two years, so I know the story. What a change in this little man! Keep Smiling!

Valerie said...

Time goes by too quickly. I am glad to see he is doing so well!

pilar said...

From Valencia, Spain, say that you love! You have me completely hooked you and your family to your blog.
I have a 7 year old boy and a girl of 5, which also took the chest to the three years. Within 2 ½ months they will have a little sister.
A kiss for all and continued to visit your home.
Thank you.

Jed and Kera said...

our computer is down and I haven't been able to check up on Mr. Kimble. :O) He is such a sweet baby! :O)