Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Afternoon Routine

It's been about a  month since school started.  I think things are finally getting routine for us.  When the kids come home, they have a snack, and then pull out their homework.  I know after a long day of school, the last thing they want to do is more work,but honestly, if it doesn't get done right away, it won't get done ever.

So after their snack, and while they are still in the kitchen, we begin on homework.  Keaton and Kolby both have worksheets to do everyday, as well as spelling lists to study, and all the kids have 30 minutes of reading time to do.  Kamy has her long list of homework to do as well!
After homework  time, Kamy practices her piano. She's been taking lessons for a few months, and is progressing nicely (now that she's actually practicing!).  Georgie likes to watch.

Georgie has her work to do too!  She writes both her names, and draws pretty pictures for our viewing pleasure.

Kimble is working on holding his bottle, and drinking out of it more.  Although it's just water, he likes to drink it!
After all that hard work, it's play time!  Kolby turned everyone's bike into a  "motor bike" by adding a smashed water bottle by the bike tires.  Now, everywhere they go, the wheel whirrs around against the plastic bottle, and makes a sound like a motorbike.

The hour after school is the most busy and dreaded time of my day, but lately, it's been going pretty smoothly!


purejoy said...

a far cry from last year, huh? sounds like school is agreeing with them! hope Kamy keeps up with piano. such a gift to be able to play!

Colleen said...

We have the homework right-away rule too. We still have yet to find our groove, though, it feels like homework time is pure torture...for all of us!