Friday, September 17, 2010

Blog Swap!

Today I'm blog swapping with my sister Sharon!

All this month, Sharon has been making wonderful blog posts dedicated to sewing (it's national Sewing Month!).  She asked me (as well as all of our sisters, sisters-in-law, our mom, and some friends) to participate.  So, if you want to see my post and tutorial for a Reversible Drawstring Cloth Bag, then head on over to Sharon's Blog!  While you are there, stick around and see what tutorials, stories, and guest bloggers she has for the month.

To entertain you all here, Sharon has come up with a great sewing post to share with you all (and a giveaway!).  Take it away, Sharon!

Do you have a blanket you just love? Why? Is it the colors? The texture? The memories? I Don't remember having a specific blanket that I always carried around, but do have a deep love of being wrapped up in a cozy blanket.

I remember when I was little, my mom would come and wake us up in the morning. She would sing some song about a bird way up in the sky. Who needs an alarm clock, when you have a momma? The only thing unpleasant about having mom wake you up, is there's no snooze button. So my brothers and sisters and I would come stumbling out of our bedrooms, blankets wrapped around us, and fall into a laying/semi sitting position somewhere in our living room. We each had our usual spots, by the heater, on the recliner, the floor behind a chair. Then we would lay there, while my mom read us some scripture verses, all warm and snugly. This piece of heaven couldn't last though, eventually we had to get up and get ready for school. Every time I get all wrapped up in a blanket though, those memories come flooding back, it's pure bliss!

Since I love blankets so much, its natural my babies would too. My 5 mo. old goes to sleep clutching his blanket, he loves to snuggle into it. I have a three year old who is always asking me to go get her blanket. Its not just an ordinary blanket though... its a cape, a tablecloth, a bandage, a roof, a pillow, its always part of our life.

Of course, our dollies have to have a blanket too. It's just not fair to have them take a nap and NOT have a blanket, pure tragedy if you want my opinion.

Unlike my daughter Jayne, dollies don't mind sharing their blanket (don't worry, you are looking at Mr. and Mrs. Friend; they love each other) It's always nice to get cozy with the one you love.

Want to bask in the sun? Don't worry, your blanket will be there for you. (Don't mind the winter wardrobe; it gets cold in Southern Idaho!)

Does your Dollie need a blanket? How about this one? Our dollies love to share, and they have plenty of blankets around here. After all, you can never have too many.

Leave a comment, and Shaina will pick a winner!


Bek Bek Bek Bekah said...

I love this post Shaina and Sharon. I am thankful that you reassued us that the dolls were Mr. and Mrs. Friend. I love the story it is true to the "T" (what does that mean anyway?). The blanket is super cute too.

steffany said...

This is so sweet. I would love this for my two-year old. She is a little mommy to all of her dolls (and brother's action figures).

Lindsey said...

It really makes me want to play house again with my dollies :)

Nancy said...

I left my dollie, Patty cake, at mom's house. But she needs a blankie! Super cute Sharon!

Burns Family said...

My little Jane loves her babies and her blankies. This is really cute!!

Paula said...

Everyone needs a blankie - especially the 'special' baby doll my daughter is still devoted too. Cute blankie!

idasale said...

I love this little blankie and with 3 little girls playing dolls all the time this would be a great addition!