Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Familiar Hike

Yesterday, while the kids were in school and The Husband was at work, I took our friends on my favorite hike to "The Big Rock". It's actually The Mount Herman Trailhead, as I discovered via the big sign at the start of the hike, but we like to call it "The Big Rock Hike" anyway.

So I had Kimble in the backpack,which he loved (didn't fuss once!) and Georgie walked along beside me.  She picked flowers the whole time and said "These flowers are from my handsome prince, for our marriage".  When asked who her handsome prince was, she replied that it was Joseph, who helped her pick flowers along the way.  So cute.

Kimble and Georgie traded hats, so Kimble is sportin' a pink bandanna with pride.  He still looks cute, even if it is a "girl" color!

Here are the mandatory group pictures in front of the big rock!

I passed the camera to the little kids, and they took these next few pictures.

After the hike, Jen and I made salsa!  So good.


Nicki said...

How do you have that much energy?!? Hike, entertain, pictures, posts, then salsa. You are amazing! Wish I could've made salsa with you. Looks like you had a great time--and happy birthday to Kolby!

Valerie said...

I wish I could come hike with you! It still makes me so sad to know that I am not moving there. Hopefully someday though! Now that you are buying a house there, you will still be there!...right??

Colleen said...

GREAT hike!