Thursday, September 16, 2010

Growing Up

Georgie is such a fun little girl to hang out with.  Since it's just her and Kimble at home during the school day, we get a lot of interaction.  Georgie spends her days writing her letters and her name. She also likes to write all of her family's names as well.  We practice her ABCs and she also colors.  She still loves to accessorize her drawings by adding beautiful earrings that dangle down so pretty.

I catch her up in my bathroom, playing with my makeup.  She brings me nail polish so I can paint her nails.  She likes to wear my high heels and jewelry.  She wears a skirt pretty much everyday.  She asks me to make her hair curly.  She makes her own beaded bracelets. She sings the Mamma Mia songs all day long.  George is pretty much the girliest girl I know.

Georgie checks her armpits everyday, and says "is there hairs growing there yet, momma?"  She wants to be grown up so bad!  She measures how tall she is with my measuring tape, and always proclaims to be taller and bigger than me.  She still thinks she has a baby in her tummy, and always wants to buy stuff for her baby when we are at the store.

We've been working with George often, regarding her real name. We tell her that eventually she'll need to go by Kennedy.  Last weekend, she compromised, and she said we could call her Kenni.  So we called all the kids and told them to say Kenni, instead of Georgie.  Well, it lasted about an hour.  We are just so use to calling her Georgie!

Georgie loves to watch the birds and squirrels and foxes that frequent our backyard.   She is always ready to go to the store, or visit friends. Every morning, she asks "Where are we going today, momma?"

She thinks, because she is "so big" that she can manhandle Kimble however she wants.  She's always trying to lug him around. Sometimes, he enjoys it.  Other times, he gets hurt.  Oh, but they love each other.

We have good times, during the day.  These two kids keep me very busy, but very happy.


Mags said...

I met a kid once when he was a high school student. The string bean of a boy was called Bubba. Apparently he was a chunky baby and the nickname was born and stuck. I actually can't remember his real name, but it sounded nothing like Bubba. Georgie is a much better nickname.

Colleen said...

Fortunately Kennedy is an adorable name! She's such a sweetheart.

Nancy said...

They're so cute! And I cant imagine calling Georgie anything but Georgie!

Megan said...

I have a girl friend named George. Said she always was called that even though her real name is Janette. I'll have to ask her if her teachers in school called her her real name. I know she eventually legally changed her name to George!! I think our girls would get along great. Hope they get to meet sometime.

Jen Sue Wild said...

I love this girl.. She will always have a prime spot in my heart..

SarahB said...

I think it's fine to let her go by Georgie at school if that's what she likes! A classmate of my daughter goes by "Pickle" - even the teachers call her that!